How Social Media is Ruining Your Relationships

Social Media is Ruining Your Relationships

In this day and age, people live for the media outlets and electronic devices. A significant number of people can’t go more than an hour without picking up their phone or going to a laptop to check up on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms.

Instead of checking what new houses condo move has on the market, people would rather keep tabs on what other people are doing. When people become addicted to social media, fostering real and stable relationships also becomes problematic. Here are some of the reasons why:

It Makes You Lack Social Skill

Being able to just type a quick Facebook message or ‘slide into the DMs’ has made people a lot more confident in having random conversations. It takes no effort at all talking to someone you do not see face to face. But, when you go out with that person for the first time, interaction becomes a task.

It is also very easy to get the wrong impression about what someone means when they say something in the text. Things like adding a period at the end of a sentence are assumed as anger, while using fewer syllables when texting is an assumption that one is annoyed, of which in some cases that is beside the point. Texting may have made communication more comfortable, but it has taken away getting to know someone in person.

It Makes Expectations Unrealistic

Viewing other people’s posts and photos tend to make people jealous of what others have. The ‘body goals’ and ‘relationship goals’ are playing a significant role in misleading people to expect unrealistic things out of real relationships and what is possible.

No relationship is entirely perfect, but the accounts people follow posts videos and photos of cute things some people do to make us believe otherwise. Social media makes us stop being thankful for the people we have and the things they do for us. Instead of wanting them to be even more than that and eventually, we drive them away.

Social Media Makes Everything Public

Social media has become the new venting platform for people all over the world. Whether it’s a simple tweet or status, people let out their feelings and put them on display for the world. When couples fight, it’s no shock when they go straight for their smartphones. And make a post about how angry and upset they are with their significant other.

Relationships have become less private, and everyone’s business. A simple argument turns out to be back and forth posts through social media. People are no longer having their fights face to face. Instead, you are letting people get involved and take sides.

You Have Forgotten What It’s Like To Take in The Moment

When did you last switch off your phone and spent time with your girlfriend or boyfriend? You are always scrolling through your social media feeds when you are at a restaurant or watching a movie. People no longer appreciate the time they are spending with the people they love.

Instead of enjoying each other, you are interested in what Kim Kardashian just posted on Instagram. Social media has made people lose sight of what is essential, instead of spending time with your loved one. Some people would rather spend time with the rest of the internet world.

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  • Xavier Young

    I read the title and thought yup im subscribing. I wasn’t dissapointed keep up the good work. I was going discuss this at some point on my blog.

    • Glad to hear it and thanks so much for subscribing

  • Laura Dove

    I totally agree although as a blogger social media plays a huge part in my work. I need to have less screen time though!

    • I think in our busy lives it is important to schedule some media free time and spend it with our loved ones

  • Sarah D

    I only share some stuff on social media, and I try to keep off it in the day, but it’s hard sometimes and it does bring the worst out in people I think

    • I think when it comes to relationships it’s better to have quality time ‘in person’ and off social media regardless of what you do or don’t share.

  • This is something that I struggle with being a blogger as the only time I have to work is in the evenings. Its a difficult balance to get right!!

  • Nadia/Scandi Mummy

    Yes, that pretty much sums it up! We all have to be better at putting the phones away.

  • I’ve never understood that expression “slide into the DMs” to be honest. So few of my friends post anything on Facebook any more I rather miss the snippets of news.

  • Battle Mum (BattleMum)

    Social media has alot to answer for. While it’s great we’re connected and it does bring opportunities to us bloggers, it can be a curse, especially in the company of others. And in my experience it’s not just bloggers glued to their phones!

  • Alexandra Donnelly

    It’s a little sad that this is such a problem amongst us now but I catch me and my partner doing it all the time. I think a tech ban will be coming in force in the evenings now!

  • Talya Stone

    Yes to this! I literally have to keep my partner to put his phone away. I don’t really know where this is all leading with our obsession with social media but I don’t think it’s good!

  • Pati Robins

    Couldnt agree more – i find myself using social media way too much so i try and limit myself as much as i can as i noticed the change on how much we are comunicating xx great post

  • Helen Jacob-Lloyd

    It’s so true – evenings can pass and we’ve both spent most of it on our phones/laptops. On our recent holiday we took the time to play some board games and actually talk, which was so lovely 🙂

  • Yep – you are completely right. Husband and I had a date night last weekend and we had no phones out. When he went to the toilet I was straight on my phone. Even I thought to myself this isn’y Ok!