{Food Box} September 2017 Degustabox 

The September 2017 Degustabox arrived just after the middle of the month, a little earlier than usual. I have been an on-off subscriber for over 2 years now, it’s always been a hit and miss foodie box for me. Normally I just gobble these delicious treats and don’t make a peep about them. But this month I wanted to share the box contents with you in case you were looking for something new to try. If you want to sign up, use the code {MIRANDAM-11C6} or click on this link to get £7 off your first box.

What is Degustabox?

Degustabox is a monthly subscription foodie box that costs £12.99 and contains between 10-12 items of a different variety. Not only do you get this amazing products to try each month you also get coupons for some of the products.  The price includes the delivery charge, and to my knowledge this food box is only available in Europe and UK. If you’re curious to see what I got in my previous boxes, click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

September 2017 Degustabox

The September 2017 Degustabox has a lot of items that I love and a lot which are new to me. I have decided to split them into categories of; cooking, drinks, treats and breakfast items. Though I have not yet tried all the items, I am thoroughly impressed with this box compared to others. With that in mind, let’s discuss what I got for the ‘cooking category’.


I am not much of a cook but I do enjoy items that make my cooking experience much easier like the Three Bean Rice. Recently I had family over at mind and living alone all my utensils are geared towards one person. Instead of cooking two pots of rice, I opted to eat the Mexican three bean rice which was absolutely delicious. I am a sucker for Mexican foods so this went down a treat. The rich beef concentrated stock and Colombian Albondigas sauce are next on my list to use. I have never tried Colombian meat balls so I am excited to try with this sauce soon. The beef stock will be used soon for my beef stew that I will be making for a friend. The Albacore wild tuna steaks looks absolutely yummy and will be having it with some salad. I am a huge lover of tuna fish and often request it when I visit my parents.

Let’s Drink!!

Those who know me know I enjoy my drinks and I make no apologies for that. I don’t drink excessively, I drink socially and sometimes at home when watching a movie. But one thing I have never been good at drinking is beer, I have tried San Miguel before. It is definitely not to my taste but I love that it also comes in gluten free option. Another thing I am not good at drinking is water, unless my water is flavoured I don’t normally drink it. The sparkling energy water is right up my alley and will be taking it with me to the Oxford half marathon.

Enjoy the treats!!

Chocolate is one of my favourite treats closely followed by cakes especially fudge and cheese cakes. Looking at the treats from the September 2017 Degustabox I was happy to find Green & Blacks chocolate. But was quickly disappointed when I realised it was dark chocolate which I am not a fan of. As quickly as the disappointment came it went when I saw the Green’s creamy egg custard filling. Once my oven is fixed, I have a couple of cakes ready to be made and ate. Another important to always have in your bag is mints to keep one’s mouth nice and fresh.

Breakfast, an important meal of the day!!

For me breakfast is either my favourite cereal, overnight oats or porridge all day every day. I love my breakfast options, I know I can make breakfast muffins but I prefer not to have that. For me whole grain cereal which is high in fibre and reduces cholesterol like Nestle’s Cheerios is a winner. The new box is mixed with crispy oats making this my all time favourite breakfast. Every cereal deserves to be accompanied by the best milk in town and Dream’s no added sugar milk it the best. I have been having this milk in everything, baking, cereal and just drinking it alone.

Again I am truly impressed by the September 2017 Degustabox and excited to see what will be in the October box. I can not recommend the Degustabox enough and if you wish to sign up, use my code MIRANDAM-11C6. This gives you a £7 discount on your first box and I get 50 Degustabox points.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I am subscribed to the monthly service and pay £12.99.

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