Lucy’s New Training Regime

Last Sunday {October 8, 2017}, my sister and I took up running the Oxford Half Marathon. This was the first time for both of us but as you know my sister trains regularly and runs too. The 13.1 miles took me under 4 hours to complete, I walked and jogged it all whilst my sister run it in under 2 hours. I won’t lie, it was blooming hard race to partake in because I had NO training and NO breakfast. Yes, it was very silly of me to participate when I wasn’t ready but somehow I knew I could do it and I did.

The Oxford Half Marathon was sponsored by Virgin Sport who were kind enough to give us tickets to participate. Regular readers know we worked with them previously to promote this very race and glad we participated. I am definitely looking forward to my next half marathon but I will be well prepared and have my Granola Breakfast.

With that little revelation out-of-the-way, today’s post is focused on sharing my sister’s new training regime. Unlike me, my siblings are all into exercising and staying fit, I am all for being the fat one of the family. Regardless I am not giving up on myself completely, in fact I am looking to do 5k runs locally. Without further ado, here’s Lucy to share her new training regime.

new training regime

Lucy’s New Training Regime

Regular readers of The Myrabev Life will remember I mentioned I do cross fit and we have 3 routines we follow. Well recently, we haven’t been able to train as a team, due to other life commitments. So there is only two of us left and we decided to create a new routine called “the hit”. This workout is designed to test you in every single way and just when you think “oh I get to rest” you don’t.  There is still more that you need to do and follow.

As with our previous routines, we broke it into stations as follows;

  • Start with 2 dumbbells, do burpees with the dumbbells for a minute and then head straight into a rotational plank. This involves raising the dumbbells high up for about a minute.
  • Followed by kettlebell frog jumps, again for a minute. The weight is normally 16 kg. This usually kills me, I get to a point where I can feel the maximum burn and I’m shaking.
  • Next is the medicine ball sit-ups with a 9 kg ball, which have to be done at a pace to keep in with the stopwatch.
  • Finally, the set is finished off with plate rations in a clockwise and anticlockwise pattern.

At the moment the goal is to do 4 reps of each followed by a 3 mile run, which to be perfectly honest feels great. Especially after having to go through 40-45 minutes of intensity, the run almost feels I dare say easy.

new training regime

The effect of the new training regime

What I’ve noticed with this routine is that my body on the day and the next couple days after feels fantastic. I’ve gotten so addicted to this feeling that on Monday and Wednesdays routine is now overshadowed by “the hit”. For Fridays we have not changed up the session, it is still all about strength.

I’ve found that the new training regime is helping me focus on my breathing. Which I am glad to say I used during the recent Oxford half marathon, I tried to explore as many ideas as possible. Currently I know what works and what my body responds too. I am able to distinguish between moments and days when my body needs that extra push. But it is also important to recognise days when “normal” impact is sufficient.

And there you have it, my new training regime which I am hoping you can incorporate in your exercise journey. Exercising is now part of my life and I enjoy it but make no mistake I don’t take it lightly. It is something I had to work my way up both mentally and physically with no short cuts.

  • Such a great motivation to start exercising too! And most importantly to continue with it even after reaching our goals. As you said: to make it part of our lives!

  • David Elliott

    I definitely understand what you say. There are no short cuts when it comes to exercising. You need to keep at it and start and just realize that it’s a lifestyle and not a short journey.

  • Amila Wickramarachchi

    Really inspiring to see how this training works on you.It is always good to stay healthy and fit.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Ooooo now that’s motivation!!! Looks like she’s on track for fitness success!!!!

  • I applaud you for doing this. I love a good running and hopefully, I will be able to run a marathon in the near future.

  • Ra’Nesha Wilson

    Alright now I am ready to get myself to the gym after reading your post I have been thinking about doing a 5k next year.

  • This is definitely motivating. I am about to start a new regime too, hope it goes well for me!

  • Wow congratulations on the half marathon! You should be so proud (although, silly girl for not at least having some breakfast aha).Your sister’s training routine sounds awesome! I might just have to pinch a few of these exercises for myself. 😉

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    Oh, that got me motivated, I’m not into those dumb bell type of exercising regime, but the best what I do is exercising to open up my body at home and then run in nearby garden!

  • This sounds like a good training regime. I wouldn’t know though, I’ve never done a marathon because I know I’d keel over.

  • I love this, Lucy! I will add your tips into my routine. I already do some weights but not the rest. Good luck with your marathon!

  • This is so dope! Exercising is the new best thing you could do for your well being. I love the routine and am stealing some of the moves.

  • Akamatra

    Why do you feel fat? I am sure you are just hard on yourself. Kudos on running the half marathon.