{Guest Post} Eco life – why you should go green

At this point, the reasons are pretty clear. Doing minimal effort in contributing to a more Green life style is still something. But everyone is quite accustomed to living their life the easier way. Our society has built itself in a selfish way that would result in our future generations to suffer. Among us is the group of people that knows that, and just doesn’t care, the group who don’t believe in climate change and continue to get lied to and robbed, and many more groups with different opinions weather they are right or not.
But for now, forget those people and concentrate on yourself. Changing your lifestyle to be more Eco friendly can be confusing if there is no research done. So this will be sort of a guide and introduction on how to not allow your grandchildren to live in a post-apocalyptic world.

Eco life – why you should go green

You already know about recycling and being more energy efficient. Doing that is great and all, but sometimes you need to think outside of the box. You are using an energy efficient laundry machine, but the detergents you are using have chemicals that pollute the water. This also includes every other conventional cleaning product that people buy. When you clean your counter or floor, you can feel the irritating fumes coming into your face. This is not safe for you, your family and your pets.

Use Natural cleaners

The best way to handle this problem is to make your own cleaning products. There are countless recipes online on every cleaning product you can imagine that do magnificent job and here is an example for  an elementary one that you can use. You need two bars of your favorite soap, eight cups of baking soda and six cups of washing soda. Grate the bars of soap, into a blender (this is done so the soap is finer, although it is not necessary) and mix it with baking soda. After you blend the mix, pour it in a mason jar with a twisting lid and add the washing soda as well. Close the lid, shake it up, and now you have your own laundry detergent. And one little tip about washing up – use cold water.
Moving away from cleaning and turning our attention to food. A lot of people get really touchy on this subject so no one is telling you to become a vegan. If you want however, and are interested in doing it, start transitioning slowly. This is more of a “maybe it will work” suggestion rather than a professional one. If you are eating meat every day, let one day be vegetarian, next week, let it be two days and so on. When you have completely removed meat from your diet you will feel lighter and free.

Change your Diet?

Now, you can stop here and be a vegetarian, and you will do great. You can also proceed with gradually cutting off all animal products from your diet. This part is very complicated, because a lot of foods are made out of animal produce. You will need to do your research and if you are dedicated enough you will succeed. But know that you don’t need to change your diet, just don’t buy a lot of meat and dairy products. If you know people who are farmers, you can rely on them for these things.
If you are puzzled about, how eating meat and cheese has anything to do with the environment, it doesn’t. The problem isn’t eating meat, the problem is the meat industry. Thousands of acres of forests are being cut off to make space for pins to keep animals in. These animals are being bred in mass quantities. A single cow releases from 70 to 120 kg of Methane (a green house gas) in the atmosphere. Now just imagine one hundred cows doing that. That’s the conclusion.
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