{Guest Post} 7 lessons learned after running half marathon.

Regular readers of The Myrabev Life know that my sister and I run the Oxford Half Marathon recently. We have both learnt a lot about our capabilities, I for one know how much my body is capable of. I did not train for this half marathon like my sister did and I am not much of a runner. But I did went ahead and participated and have been amazed at what I can do. Now I am imagining how much better it would have been had I prepared for it both physically and mentally.

I am not the only one reflecting on the lessons learned after running a half marathon. Lucy {young sister} has also learnt some lessons and she is sharing those 7 lessons learned.

7 lessons learned

7 lessons learned after running half marathon.

Now this may just be because I’ve recently turned 25 and I’m starting to get to grips with what life is about. But I realised that the older I get the more the pieces start to slot in and align. Here are the 7 lessons learned after running a half marathon or maybe I knew them all along.

Lesson 1: Everyone is doing their own thing. This can be distracting at times because you look across and people around you seem so happy and content with their lives. Before you know it, you’re comparing your life to theirs which is not good. They seem to have everything figured out” and that is ok, their journey is different to mine and vise versa. I am happy and content with who I am. The things that I am doing are for me and can only work in my favour. So I guess I have received or learnt acceptance in and of life.

Lesson 2: Be prepared to work hard for what you want. For a ages I always wanted a nice toned body, to feel better and stronger . I changed my diet which inevitably changed my mindset, I am now healthier and happy with myself. Here I feel I learnt the power of Determination and what it can get you in life.

Lesson 3: Commitment

This I learnt early on that I have to be fully committed, I can’t do half the work and expect to just get it. It has to be 100% or nothing, this lesson has never been more apparent than now. Whenever I go running, sometimes the intention is just to get “round the corner” but I surprise myself. I keep going and even though the first 1-4 miles feel so uncomfortable and ready to turnaround. But I preserve and make a conscious effort to continue, I keep going because I am committed to my goal. It’s so easy to just give up and go binge on Netflix at home where it is warm, but if you want results you have to commit.

Lesson 4: Fear.  Defined as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.” Everyone has something that they are scared of even when we pretend we are not. I realised it is ok to have fear, we have to learn to accept that there still things that scare us. This is ok, it is normal and for me I’m ready for the winter in my life. There are so many  things that are yet to be taught and I am ok with that. There is still so much that I need to learn.

Lesson 5: Support

I am my own greatest supporter, yes support from friends, family, boyfriends and work mates is great. BUT if I don’t support myself, how can I expect someone to support me? It has to start with me putting in the time and showing people I deserve their support.

Lesson 6: Strength. I have so much strength within more than I realise before. This only comes out when you’re put to the test. But I shouldn’t wait or rely on those “test” to feel strong. I need to know and believe that I am strong enough and that’s how I claimed my strength.

Lesson 7: Growth. Like fear I am still learning even though at age 25 I thought I should have learnt and experienced everything. BUT it is only the beginning, there is so much more that I need to able to accept growth. By asking I realise that there is a gap, which only growth can fill over time.

These lessons just haven’t come over night, or by reading an article. They’re a result of constant reflection and willingness to learn and be taught. Once you accept that there is just things that you simply don’t know. You’re half way there. Everyone is doing their own thing and there is nothing wrong with your journey.

  • TColeman

    Marathons to me are so intimidating. It definitely takes a lot of commitment definitely physically and mentally to do one of those.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Ughhhhh a half marathon sounds like a lot of work! So to me anyone who has done one is definitely inspirational! That takes dedication

  • Mari

    Fear can definitely hold us back from doing many things. Being able to face them head on and conquer is always a great feeling. Makes you wonder why you were afraid in the first place.

  • Karyn Locke

    I love that you realized that you’re your own greatest supporter! An important lesson to learn.

  • Aine

    Bluegh! Running a half marathon is something I can’t even imagine, so well done!

  • Woah I couldn’t imagine running a few miles! To have the stamina to run a half marathon is incredible! Good job Great tips commitment is definitely a must.

  • It’s good to stop at times and reflect on lessons we have learned. I totally agree with you, I am 25 as well and I feel like it’s just the start!

  • Deimarys Colon

    Definitely commitment. I have been trying to stay on track but man is hard. Thanks for sharing your tips though!

  • Dada KS

    Omg when I was 25 I thought I already knew so much but now at 36 I am laughing at myself at 25 and I am sure that when I am 50 I would look back and laught myself as 36!
    Yes, I think its very important to support yourself and work for your goal because nobody can do it for you forever if they realise that you are not doing it for yourself.
    And BRAVO for that half maraton!

  • Whew, I imagine this would be a tough thing to go through. I’ve never done a marathon before but I know tons of people who have.

  • Kate Veggie Desserts

    This is a lovely read. You’ve hit on some great points and I think support and commitment really are so important not only for running a half marathon – but for so many other goals.

  • Tasheena N. Womack

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I feel that in life we can always learn from the journeys that we take. It’s really nice to just reflect on the situation.

    • I couldn’t agree more, it’s impoetant to reflect on experiences in life