12 Months of Happiness – September 2017 

12 months of happiness 2017 is a monthly recap series of all the wonderful things that made me happy every month. If you read the August 2017 recap you will remember I included everything that had happened between January through to July 2017. Whilst the aim is to focus on things that made us happy we shouldn’t be complacent and forget the hard things either. But honestly the world is hard enough without focusing on the bad, so this will only cover the things that brought me happiness.

12 Months of Happiness – September 2017 Recap 

September 2017 was such a busy month for more and it had more challenges than I care to share. It’s hard to believe we are already past the middle of October and I am now just getting to sharing this post. As they say, better to be late than never to have done it at all. With that spirit in mind, here are the things that made me happy in the month of September.

12 months of happiness

Virgin Sport Oxford Half Marathon (pre event) 

To start the month, we were invited to the pre event for the Oxford half marathon hosted by Virgin Sport. The event was held at the Branson Estate in Kidlington Oxfordshire and Freddie was the charming host. At the pre event we were informed of the plans for Virgin Sport and hopes for the Oxford Half. I am happy to report that beginning of October we participated in the Half Marathon and it was incredible.

Franco Manca night 

A week after the pre-event for the half marathon we attended an exclusive dinner and wine tasting at Franco Manca. It was such a buzzing night with bloggers and journalists alike attempting to make sourdough pizza. Though sourdough pizza is not something we’ve had before we totally got into it.

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace

One of the most magnificent palaces in England, a true English Heritage and I am glad its close to me. As I mentioned September wasn’t all sunshine and roses, when hard times hit I went to Blenheim Palace. It became a respite of sort for me, something I desperately needed. It also made me realise the importance of being a local tourist in your own city.

Next Blogger Event 

After years of not attending the NBN {Next Blogger Network} Events I finally got a chance this year. I was absolutely nervous but my nerves were totally unfounded as I met some lovely influencers. What I love about blogger events apart from the goody bags is the tips we come back with. I am yet to implement the Instagram tips but I am slowly working on that.

There are many other events that I would love to share but blog wise those were the main ones. I am glad to have finally shared the September 2017 recap of my 12 months of happiness. Sitting here and thinking back, with all of its sadness September 2017 was a good month.

What did you get up to in September? What would you include in your September 2017 recap?

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  • Stephanie

    Great to focus on the positives, well done on going to the NEXT event. I get so nervous at any events, but usually end up having a lovely time

    • Thanks Stephanie and yes I am always nervous but always end happy

  • Holly H

    Sorry to hear you had a rubbish September, but so happy to know that you’ve found ways of still bringing happiness in. Amazing.

    • Thank you so much Holly, I always try to have a better outlook on life than dwelling on the bad

  • This post is a great idea for a blog series. Good you went for the blogger event.

  • I never knew next did blogger events you need to let me know how to sign up:0


  • Kara

    Do Next still so blogger events, not been invited to one foe ages 🙁 – Looks like a fabulous month

  • Ah what a great idea! Love that you know what to do when you’re not feeling too bright 🙂

  • David Jack Taylor

    I’m glad you have a happy place to retreat to when you are not feeling too good. But, reflecting on the positives as you have in this post is a lovely way to put those negative feelings to the back of your mind. I can see why you like to visit Blenheim!

  • LucyDorrington

    I love this idea for a series. Even overcoming something hard can be a positive thing sometimes, but it’s lovely to see someone’s happy moments.

  • What a great idea and it does sound like you had a fantastic September. Can’t wait to hear more about the half in October.

  • Talya Stone

    I think it’s so important to reflect on the things we did do and that we loved – positivity is so important for our wellbeing so love this recap.

    • Thanks, I love reflecting on the month and focus on the positive than the negatives as negatives are everywhere

  • Little Steps

    Would love to visit Blenheim too. Hopefully when we’re in the area, we’d we have a chance to visit too. I’m afraid we haven’t done anything exciting much. It’s all about T 🙂

  • Helen Jacob-Lloyd

    Wow lots of fun events and places visited! September flew by and now looking back I can’t really remember what I got up to. I’ll blame baby brain 🙂