Top Five Friday – Virgin Sport Oxford Half Marathon 

Virgin Sport are the new hosts of the Oxford Half Marathon and is here to make a difference to the locals. This is not your typical half marathon event but more of a sports festival not only for the runners but spectators too. We were fortunate to attend the an exclusive Press Event at Branson Estate, yes Sir Richard Branson’s Estate. I can tell you from the word go, we were blown away and had such a lovely time with everyone. We will be sharing more on this on A July Dreamer and a bit on here The Myrabev Life.

Top Five Friday – Virgin Sport Oxford Half Marathon 

I must say I am so happy that I am keeping to the schedule of posting these weekly posts. Bloggers know it’s not a walk in the park running a blog later on two, I am glad to be keeping up. For this week’s Top Five Friday obviously the upcoming Half Marathon has got us pumped but here is more.

  • Franco Manca‘s Pizza and wine testing event. We are excited to be attending the event next week Thursday and are quite looking forward to it. It’s been great being able to review restaurants but also nice to have such events to relax and meet new people.
  • Explore Bath, not sure what’s got into me but I really want to visit Bath and see the Roman Baths. It’s been on my 2017 bucketlist but I have always pushed it to the back, now weather permitting we are going tomorrow.
  • Promotion, there is two types if not three. Last week I mentioned I got promoted at work, today I get to find out more. The second is I am now offering side bar promotion (banners) on my (main) website A July Dreamer. And thirdly, I am accepting sponsored articles on this website, the fees start from £50 {DA is 31}.
  • Back to school, my nephew started school on Wednesday and he loved it. He looked so grown up in his school uniform, seriously grown and not even 5 years old yet.
  • Sparkling Ice, our sponsors to the Oxford foodies festival have been kind enough to send us more flavoured drinks to try. I am honoured to work with incredible brands and feel privileged being able to bring them to your attention.
And there you have it. My Top Five Friday for this week with great thanks to Virgin Sports for an incredible evening and campaign. I can feel that the half marathon will be a success and so many people are signing up. If you’re looking for an event to get involved in especially for runners then give this a try.
  • Sarah D

    congrats on the promotion! hope you enjoy the new role x

  • I did and thank you so much

  • Unfortunately I didn’t spend any tine at the Jane Austen place because it was raining

  • I actually just got back from seeing the Royal Crescent 🙂

  • jennifuchs

    I’ve always wanted to visit bath. Mainly because I am a big Jane Austen fan, lol.

    • I too am a big Jane Austen fan and definitely excited to be visiting Bath

  • Vicky

    Congratulations on the promotion and keeping up with the blog posts. It’s 1am now and I’m debating whether to go back to sleep or write a post hahaha

    • Hahahah thanks love, I woke up at 4am and was like shall I write a post or sleep some more, choose to sleep lol

  • Jacinta Zechariah

    Sounds like a great week. Congratulations on the promotion.

  • Karen Teresa Reekie

    Sounds like a really good week. Congrats on promotion and the half marathon sounds really like a fun event!

    • Thank you I am so excited about the promotion and the upcoming half marathon

  • Franco Manco is such a great restaurant, such a good top five x

    • Glad to hear it, I will be checking it out for the first time next week