Top Five Friday ~ Through the Tears and Smiles

Through the tears and smiles I have endured this week not knowing if I have the strength to face another day. Over the weekend I had known Monday would be a tough day, we had a burial of a close family friend. I didn’t know how one goes about to comfort someone who loses a parent or a loved one. Whilst I was busy fixating on this I didn’t know I would find myself in a similar position of losing a loved one. This ending week has been one filled with tears and smiles and a lot of courage to face another day.

Top Five Friday ~ Through the Tears and Smiles

For this week’s Top Five Friday through the tears and smiles, I am sharing the happenings of the ending week. Normally I try to focus on the good things but not to mean I don’t experience the bad I just don’t focus on them. This week is different, it’s been hard, so tough but it’s almost over.

Blenheim Palace is located in Woodstock Oxfordshire and for some reason I felt the urge to visit this place. I have always talked about being a #localtourist but not really done much of #localadventures. I didn’t know that I would need the peace, quite and calm that I experienced there to use throughout the week.

A birthday, burial and funeral – 3 in one happenings

Monday came in threes this week. It was my mother’s birthday and I had a bit planned for her special day. But I knew it was a tough day because we also had a burial for a close friend of the family. Just to make this day even more difficult we received the sad news that my dad’s older sister whose been fighting cancer for years had died. I will tell you think I didn’t and still don’t know how to process that. All I can do was be there for my parents and for the family friends at the burial. It has been a trying time, one that I won’t be forgetting fast.

Financial woes, as I said in my Debt Recovery Journey, family emergencies are also causes of people being in debt. As much as we try to plan for the future it’s not always enough and with the Monday woes it’s been absolutely chaos and to add-on I have university expenses and travel costs.

Education, another item adding to my ever-increasing debt is my post-graduate course. The week was tough enough without thinking about and attending school, it felt like torture but I know in the long run it will be useful.

Barcelona for the smiles 

Practically everything this week has made me tear up in some shape or form. We couldn’t celebrate mum’s birthday because we had a burial to focus on, tears were shed. Then we heard about the death of my aunt from cancer and tears were shed again. I then looked at the impending school Fees, tears were shed because I am back in debt. I shed more tears when the dude cancelled our upcoming trip to Rome because he can’t get leave. At 5am this morning I got fed up of shedding tears and made myself smile. I did this by booking a few days alone in Barcelona.

Life sometimes truly sucks and if this week is anything to go by the unexpected loads on. I forgot to think about me and my needs, I almost gave someone else power over my happiness. So through the tears and smiles I am ending this week on a very happy note of Barcelona. And excited about the possibility of a better week next week.

Happy Friday y’all 

  • Kara

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You have had some nice positives too, Blenheim Palace looks stunning and I hope you enjoy your break

    • Thank you Kara, it has been trying but yes Blenheim was the one good thing during that hard week

  • Laura Dove

    I am so sorry for your loss, it sounds like a hard week for you all/ xxx

    • It truly was and thanks Laura

  • It sounds like a very stressful time, I hope your trip to Barcelona helps to ease some of the stress

    • I am hoping the same, thanks Sally

  • I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Do accept my condolences. I hope this week is a lot better. Enjoy Barcelona.

  • Jayne

    That is most certainly a hard week and you definitely deserve your forthcoming break. b
    (hubby helping out)

  • I’m sorry for your family’s loss, this week sounds like a tough week but hopefully your break to Barcelona heals your woes. X

    • Thank you so much, that is my hope too

  • Laura @dearbearandbeany

    I’m sorry to hear of your loss and sadness this week. I love Blenheim Place and there is something so calming about it. I hope that Barcelona helps you to have the space you need x

    • Thanks Laura, I did not know how much Blenheim Palace would bring so much peace to me in times of troubles and sorrow

  • Joanna

    Sounds like you have had such a lot going on this week and a break is fully needed.

    • Thanks Joanna, didn’t think the week would end

  • Rhiannon-Skye Boden

    So sorry for all you’ve had to go through this week, but well done for battling through it the way you have. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. <3

    • Thanks Rhiannon, one foot after the other I am told.

  • Talya Stone

    It sounds like you have so much time going on right now – hopefully the break away by yourself will help you to reboot a little sending positivity your way x

    • Thank you Talya, I am hoping it will. Thanks