Top Five Friday – Franca Manca Night

Last night my sister and I attended an exclusive dinner and wine tasting at Franco Mancas new Oxford pizzeria. It was such an incredible night and we left with so many goodies plus made sourdough pizza. This was mine and my sister’s first time eating sourdough pizza and let me tell you, I am a new convent now. It was such an amazing night, only a handful of bloggers present because the pizzeria was already packed with customers. If you saw this Franco Manca branch, you wouldn’t think they could squeeze 30 people in, let along 80 people. It was such an incredible night, I can not recommend this pizzeria enough. Watch out for a post on A July Dreamer giving all the deets of the night and the goodies.

Top Five Friday – Franco Manca

Back to the reason for this post; Top Five Friday, here are some of the happenings. Those who know me know I enjoy showing my gratitude to sponsors but also for the little things in life. I think it’s one thing everyone should practice – be grateful for the little things and the big things too.

Be thankful. Today is the half way mark for September, with only 15 days in so much had happened already. Showing our thanks to our sponsors and hosts; Sparkling Ice, Virgin Sport and Franco Manca.

Little Things: Last weekend my sister and I had a staycation in Bristol where we did some much-needed retail therapy. I had mentioned last Friday how I wanted to explore Bath, I made sure to include that visit in our getaway.

Self appreciation

If there is one thing my mama says I am good at is self-appreciation. She taught me long ago to respect and love myself before I could do and show that to others. All my life I have learnt never to give someone power over my happiness because happiness is a choice. Though I never allowed anyone to sit on my happiness I did allow someone I love to dictate my progression in life and that was low. It’s truly amazing when you have the courage to remove the hindrance and progress in life as if was intended.

Collaborations: The sponsors and hosts I have mentioned above are for A July Dreamer. Today I thought I also say thanks to the collaborations on this blog, check out the collaborations tab above and see who we’ve worked with.

The road to debt recovery: Regular readers know about my debt recovery journey 2014-2016. It was not an easy journey but it is one of my proudest moments when I achieved my goal. A year later I have found myself in another form of debt; car finance and post-grad fees. Whilst these are not your typical debt because these are things being value to my life but it’s “being in debt” regardless. I have decided to start sharing my plan to become debt free within 24 months. This won’t be an easy journey but I hope you follow along and share some of your tips.

And that’s it for this week’s Top Five Friday, hope to see you again on the next post.