For Those That Want To Get Healthy The Easy Way

Getting healthy is important right? It can help us live longer and have a better quality of life. However, so many people are put off by all the hard work that’s involved, and all those sites out there telling you how to micro manage your day to include way more healthy stuff don’t help either! What people really want is a few ways that can improve their health without having to change their entire life. So keep reading to find out about some of them.

Cook from scratch

I reckon that most people see this whole scratch cooking malarkey as something that is way more trouble than it’s worth. They see it as time consuming and expensive, so why bother? Well, first cooking from scratch is brilliant not only because you get to decide exactly what goes into your meals, so no hidden unhealthy nasty surprise. But you also get the satisfaction of know you have made something yourself.

Get Healthy

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In addition, cooking from scratch doesn’t have to take ages or be particularly expensive either. In fact, there are plenty of healthy cookbooks out there that focus on recipes that will take you 15 minutes or less to complete from chopping board to table. That is less time that a frozen pizza takes to cook! So why not try it and see what you think?

Deal with health issues quickly

Something else that can get in the way of folks’ health is when they ignore issues rather than getting them sorted out. This is never a good idea because the sooner you deal with an illness usually, the easier it is to get over, or at least under control.

Yes, I know we live in a busy culture and getting to the doctors can seem like a real hassle but it’s important to make time for your health. Although if you are really struggling to find the time you can use a Dr app online to help you. This is where you get to speak to a medical professional from the comfort of your own home over video chat, and they can advise and even prescribe for you is they think it’s necessary. Making there really no excuse to not deal with those health issues as quickly as possible.

Stop rushing

Something else that is super easy and that can improve your health immeasurable is to stop rushing all of the time. Rushing is stressful, as you are always pushing up against your limits, trying to complete more and more stuff. But it also means that you are never truly present in your life for what is actually going on.

This is something that can cause all sort of problems from general unhappiness to anxiety. So why not try slowing down one in a while and truly being where you are? Short meditation breaks can help with this, and you may find that its reduces your stress and make you feel a lot healthier too. It’s easy yes, but it actually works!


  • Jen Lawrence

    I don’t cook from scratch often enough! I really should though… I’ll need to make this a priority because my family’s health is important to me.

  • This is so true about the rushing! I’m working on not rushing in my life as well!

  • Joy A. Nyargem

    Wow I definitely needed to read this. You hit the nail on the head with all the points shared. It is so important for us to take care of ourselves. Thank you for sharing this.

    • You’re most welcome and yes it’s important for us to look after ourselves and cooking from scratch is one such way we can do that

  • With processed food at our fingertips, cooking from scratch is sadly not the norm anymore! I agree, it’s definitely way healthier to cook at home using fresh ingredients.

  • Sophie Beland

    Love cooking food from scratch, it feels all the more satisfying to eat!

  • Céline CLudik

    Preparing food from scratch makes us healthier and is good for the soul ! When I’ve made a dish for myself, I find myself picking out the different flavors with my tongue, critiquing and praising various aspects of the meal. There’s also a hidden secret flavor when I cook for myself: pride 🙂

  • I totally second your cooking from scratch tip. It really does not take that much time to boil some rice, and then make a vegetable and rice stirfry. I prefer to buy fresh veggies and cook from scratch.

  • Karyn Locke

    When I was young, my mother cooked everything from scratch. When I moved out on my own, fast food was the way to go. These days, I’m all about cooking from scratch as much as possible.

  • This is such a refreshing article! I’m sick of all of the “loose weight fast”, “get healthy with these easy steps” articles out there which tell you to micro manage all of your intake.. No thank you. I do love cooking from scratch – I’ve found myself feeling much better since I started. This was a great read. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  • Ali || Veggies by Candlelight

    We always try and cook from scratch in our house, especially with meals. Not rushing is a huge point! Especially because sometimes you want everything to happen quicker than it usually does sometimes.

  • Nellwyn

    I started eating out less and cooking more from scratch this year and it’s amazing what a difference it has made in my overall health. I’ve realized how important it is to control the amount of added salt and sugar in my diet.

  • Pam

    I like cooking from scratch. Especially since there are lots of other food allergies and intolerances in the family. This way I know what we are eating.

  • Yes, this is so important. I do try to cook most of our meals to help save costs. They probably aren’t as healthy as they could be.

  • Sarah

    Totally agree cooking from scratch is huge! That is one thing that helps me stay on track. Great tips!

  • These are some great ways to be healthy, easily. Cooking from scratch really can make a huge difference, that’s for sure.

  • Ola Broom

    I agree that cooking at home is the best thing. The hardest part about that for me though, is having everything on hand to do it. I make my best homemade meals when I have fresh ingredients. But that would mean running to the grocery story 2-3 times a week. Yikes!

  • Amanda

    You are so incredibly correct that cooking from scratch helps you live a more healthy lifestyle. I especially appreciate the relaxing time spent in the kitchen cooking with love for my family and friends.

  • I agree that cooking things from scratch or at least just cooking things at home period does help. I feel so much better overall when I’m cooking things – like my own sauces – instead of reaching for things from the jar.
    Also taking care of things when you’re sick. I have chronic pain (osteoarthiritis and an autoimmune disorder) and I have bipolar disorder so I need to always take care of my health problems when they arise. People never do this and I find that you get sicker and it’s harder to take care of when you’re in worse shape.
    I love this post! Such great tips!!

  • Candy Kage

    My blog is all about growing as much as you can to be used in cooking from scratch. I only go to the grocery store around every 3 months. We eat really well and healthy and save money.

  • Ryan Sneltzer

    Great tips. We try so hard to cook all our meals, but sometimes you just don’t have time.