How a Dedicated Games Room Can Transform Your Home

Converting a room in your home entirely for entertainment purposes is a more viable option than most people first realise, especially with the massive range of options available to the responsible home-owner or tenant these days. For example, Hamilton Billiards snooker tables can be fashioned to transform effortlessly from dining table to playing surface and vice versa, saving you both money and space while implementing an impressive centre-piece for friends and family to enjoy.

games room

Investing in a small renovation like this will certainly go down well with the kids (husband or boyfriend included!), but in the long-term it can also function as a tasteful space to entertain guests in, practice your game or enjoy a drink – the benefits go on and on.

If you want to instil that authentic, signature ‘pub games room atmosphere’, there is a diverse range of options on Ironmongery Experts for knitting out your room with high-quality fittings, from brass doors handles to locks and latches – everything you need can be found on their online store, and delivered straight to your door.

Finally, if you and your spouse aren’t very DIY-oriented, you might require some assistance when finalising the finer details of your potential games room. For times like these, a London-based Handyman from Handy Squad can efficiently help install any fixtures, appliances, or furniture you wish to include. They’re a proficient, friendly bunch who believe no task is too big, no job too small, so don’t be afraid to give them a call if you’re unsure about how to proceed.

Your games room doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury, or a significant undertaking; it’s a chance to paint an obsolete space with your own unique colours, adding your personal touches to room you can relax in until it shines with personality. Give it a try – you might enjoy it more than you think!

This article was written by David Newman, managing director of Ad Lab – Magento E-Commerce Growth Specialists. David is a regular contributor of lifestyle blogs, writing about a variety of topics such as health, sports, hobbies and everything in-between.

  • Aritra Raj

    This is definitely a great idea, especially if you have some extra space.

  • Upgraded man cave! Looks fun and brings excitement to a home and entertainment nights.

  • Jackie Sagdiyev

    i love this, when i have my own home/house/property… 100 percent 1st thing ill do!

  • shreya de

    This is so cool and such a brilliant idea. I love the idea of transforming a dining table to pool table and vice versa. When we buy our place, I am definitely gonna try this.

  • Loved the idea of pool table with dining table .I have my new home to decorate soon and I would love to get this done.

  • Rose Mont

    Who wouldn’t like a game room? I would like one and it wouldn’t just be about/for the kids. I grew up with a pool and foosball table in the basement. It was fun to go away and play with my brother or friends. My family would like a room to runaway to and just play and relax in.

  • I wish we had room for a game room! We’d so get a pool table. But alas…no spare space at the moment. Maybe if we win the lottery!

  • Dada KS

    Omg having a game room thats a great idea! But first I want my walk in closet before eveything else!😂 But I can definetly imagine having friend over for a movie night or a game night…that would be so fun!

  • Teona Mango

    Having a game room at your house is amazing, especially as you said for both kids and entertaining guests or friends when they come. Lovely blog btw.