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Your health is precious, but you already know that. However, as much as you know how important your health is, you’re probably still looking for the best way to maintain it. Maintaining your health is an everyday task that demands a heavy mix of attention, dedication and the introduction of real good habits – you know the kind, good habits that are here to stay. But taking care of your health demands a lot of time as well as the ability to keep track of how you’re feeling and doing.

At the core of maintaining your health, there’s an important skill: knowing when you need to ask for medical support and when you can handle your healthy hiccups by yourself. What’s the difference between having a bad day and being depressed? How do you know whether you’re struggling with a hormonal condition or whether you’re putting on weight because of poor diet choices? You know only if you’re able to keep track of your everyday bits and bobs. You’re in luck; collecting data is exactly what the Internet of Thing is good at!

click and heal generation

Apple Watch activity glance

Most people are not aware of their health

Believe it or not, but most people are not aware of the little signs that the body gives when things are not on top. Some just put a new symptom of unwellness on account of being tired, so that it rapidly becomes something that they don’t notice anymore. People who suffer from regular headaches tend to justify their condition by saying that working on the computer is straining their energy.

And then People who struggle to sleep just accept it as normality. People who have stomach pains after eating certain types of food tend to self-medicate and get used to their stomach cramps. But unfortunately, maintaining your health doesn’t mean that you should accept signs of bad health and roll with it. You need to deal with the issue with a GP so that someone can help you to find out the cause of your problems.

Healthy food, healthy you

Let’s start with the basics. Keeping your body healthy means providing it with the right nutrient to perform its biological functions. In other words, that means that you need to start paying attention to what you eat, starting with your breakfast. It’s no wonder that the breakfast is described as the most important meal of the day: it’s the meal that break the period of fast that comes between dinner and the next day.

A lot of adults don’t invest any effort in a healthy breakfast which can lead to feeling tired and lacking energy throughout the day – without mentioning additional health issues suchclick and heal generation as weight gain and diabetes, depending on your choice of food. If you want something healthy and that’s suited to your lifestyle, why not try an app that helps you with yummy recipes, great nutritional advice, and an easy-to-follow diet? The problem of healthy recipes is that they tend to be dull and samey after a while. So working with an app that tracks your preferences and your nutrition needs is the best way around it. Your nutritionist in your pocket!

Healthy breakfast

Use the fast lane for known medication and treatments

Don’t waste your time going back to your doctor if you already know the medication you need. Beware though; the argument is only valid for recurring orders and not self-medication. For instance, if you know your eyesight prescription, you could order your contacts online. Similarly, if you’ve been on the same contraception for years – and you’re getting a regular check-up – then you could be ordering the contraceptive pill online. It’s a great way to save time and to get what you need when you need it. You can get on with your day as per usual and save yourself a trip to the GP.  

Click and relax

Life is stressful, especially if you work in a fast-paced environment. It can be difficult sometimes to free your head from your daily worries. Meditation is a tricky thing to learn by yourself! Working with an app to help you to relax and discover breathing techniques to empty your mind is a great way to go to bed in the right mood. No more nights spent worrying about your boss or an unfinished project. Just click and chill with a meditation app!

click and heal generation

Click your way to meditation

I train i watch

If you’re an adept of activity trackers, you need to switch to a tracking form that keeps you attentive to your activity levels, such as the Apple Watch. Standard activity trackers can only record as an activity occurs. The Apple Watch has an inbuilt system that keeps you on track of your body needs.

Every hour you receive a notification to stand up and walk for at least 60 minutes. Why so? Because most office employees tend to have a sedentary lifestyle and spend up to 8 hours in a sitting position. The Apple Watch also monitors exercising, such as a brisk walk for instance, and counts your active calories. As opposed to your resting calories. In other words, the Apple Watch keeps your naturally active throughout the day.

Do I sleep well?

More and more activity trackers come as a wristband and can stay on you all day and night. Whether you pick an Apple Watch or a standard activity tracker, you may come across a sleep monitor function. Try it out, as this little tracking device will tell you how well you sleep. More importantly, it can help you to figure out why you feel tired in the morning. For example, smokers tend to experience incomplete sleep cycles – unfortunately, they don’t remember about it on the next day. A tracking device call let you know if you’ve got a full and healthy sleeping pattern.

Know your feelings

Most people don’t even know the difference between depression and bad mood. Using a mood-tracking device can help you to notice patterns in your behaviour and to find medical support when you need it. More importantly, it’s a great tool to monitor mental health disorders such as bipolar disorders, for example.

Take your health seriously, track it. Digital devices can help you to monitor your calories, activities, mood, stress-levels, medication and much more. The Internet of Things is becoming the Internet of your Health, and that’s a good thing!

  • Rosey G

    I’ve been working on my eating habits but what really throws me off is the holidays, for example halloween just happened and we had pizza, candy, cookies and soda. I just need to be stronger.

  • I changed my eating habits this year in an effort to be healthy. Now I have to change my sleeping habits too.

  • I am trying my best to take care of my health. However, I don’t use apps to monitor my health stuff.

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  • fashion-mommy

    Amazing how so much of our life and health can be monitored by Apps and technology now. Still not sure what I think of this to be honest, but if it improves health and quality of life, it’s probably a good thing.

  • Have you ever tried the app Headspace – I think you’d really enjoy it Anosa, it’s great for getting you off to sleep peacefully, meaning your body has a restful night healing itself x

    • Not I have’t Rebecca but thanks so much for the recommendation. I will surely check it out

  • i’m very untuned with body to know when something needs medical attention. I think women have to especially pay close attention because we often deal with cramps, headaches and things associated with our menstrual cycle it’s very easy for ailments to be shrugged off.

  • You are so right – very well raised points. I absolutely agree and yet reading this I realise that sometimes I’m so busy that I don’t listen to my body either. Will do again from now on!

  • I loved eating healthy, but I failed to maintain it. I always go for something that is easy to prepare. Thanks for the reminder.

  • David Elliott

    The Apple Watches do look beautiful and I can appreciate them doing things to help me in my expertise goals. My only problem is that sometimes I cannot do the brisk walk for sixty minutes because I don’t have that kind of time to be able to leave the desk. So sometimes that would make that awkward.

  • Nicole Lee

    This is all so important. I have a hard time managing stress, but food and activity are normally, consistently good. I think life is all about knowing how to help yourself and reminders to help yourself when needed.

  • Tanya Finks

    Ahh, health! A constant struggle for me. I started wearing a FitBit years ago, and that’s made a huge difference for me. Sometimes I’m meeting my step goals, sometimes not. But as you mention, with the pace of life, it can be difficult to keep up with it all. Thanks for these valuable reminders!

    • You’re most welcome and keep up with the good work

  • I had read this book The Circle, which is also a movie now. It kind of shows how technology controls us, instead of other way round. I mean all these devices are absolutely fantastic, but sometimes wonder if we’d really be helpless without them.

    • I don’t think we would be maybe the new generation who’d never know a life without them but most of us use technology for convenience than anything else

  • Claudia Krusch

    I have been doing really well lately staying on my healthy diet. I would love to get a Apple Watch. It has so many great features.

    • Glad to hear it and keep it up

  • Rose Mont

    I try to keep a healthy routine. I’m great in my physical activity even though I don’t have a fitness watch my eating is good but, I do lack in water consumption.

    • Well 2/3 is better than none, I am working on all three. I work out weekly, try to eat good and love my flavoured water

  • It makes me sad when I see people who don’t care about their health. When they just say “to hell with it” and eat garbage and sit on their keister all day long. It will catch up with them. If not right then and there, it will EVENTUALLY – that’s for sure!

    • It will eventually and for some its sad because it would be too late to do anything about it.

  • I do like my junk food, but I try to limit it.

    I have a Fitbit so it helps me track my fitness. My goal is to hit 10,000 steps a day.

    • I need to get a new fitbit as my old me died one me, I am like you and enjoy my junk food but I also work out. I think its all about balance

  • Michelle Gwynn Jones

    I always try to diagnose something myself – is it viral or bacteria – is it a bruise or an actual sprain. But in the back of my mind I am always worried that while figuring it out something beyond my narrowing down skills there is something serious I know nothing about.

    • I think most of us are guilty of self diagnosis for various reasons

  • Robin Rue

    I have been eating like crap lately and I definitely feel it. I need to get more rest and start eating better.

  • I have actually been starting to eat healthy for a couple of months now and I can feel a huge difference. It’s amazing how much impact a healthy diet can make on your body.

    • It truly is, I know I like to practice equal junk and equal healthy foods and also add in exercise weekly. It has made me feel much more healthier which then encourages me to munch on healthier foods