12 Months of Happiness 2017 ~ August Recap

12 Months of Happiness is a monthly roundup series of things that made me happy in the ended month. I was able to share with you mid-August of my 12 months of happiness for the last nine months. It’s crazy how much I enjoy putting these types of articles together yet I am bad at remembering them. Because I know promising something I have no control over is madness, I will share when I remember.

The August Recap of the 12 Months of Happiness will focus on all the good that happened in August 2017. I am an optimist by nature but I am also realistic about things in life. For me, I prefer to look at the good in every situation and don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s not easy. Some situations in life are just bad no matter which way you look at them. But the important lesson I have learnt is whilst the situation might not be positive my outlook has to be. It’s best to experience and recognise the emotions but also not to dwell on them.

12 months of happiness

With that being said, here is the August Recap of 12 Months of Happiness and what made me happy.

12 Months of Happiness 2017 ~ August Recap

Luciana’s 25th Birthday, we started the month by celebrating my little sister’s birthday. Regular readers of A July Dreamer would have seen her Birthday Wishlist which she put together and got. Every time my little sister turns a certain milestone we tell mum she has no ‘under… kids anymore’. This time it was Tolly, you have no ‘under 25 kids anymore‘. Until then we’d never really thought about how our parents are getting on in age.

Afternoon Tea at Chi Kitchen, we had another awesome opportunity to enjoy the new afternoon tea menu. My sister is a sucker for Afternoon Tea and she shared her thoughts HERE and I shared mine HERE. Our experience of Chi Kitchen is one that has left us wanting for more. The menu was not your typical traditional afternoon tea but with an Asian twist.

A Wedding in a French countryside

I was invited to a friend’s friend’s wedding in Hatton Chattal in France. This little village is closer to Luxembourg than to Paris and it was just amazing. This marked the second wedding I have attended this year, 1 more than last year.

A day in Paris, as we couldn’t miss the opportunity to explore Paris before the wedding. We flew into Paris two days before the wedding and enjoyed the best of Paris. This included a visit to the Eiffel Tower and a tour of the Louvre Museum.

A day in London, during the last of the summer bank holiday weekend we ventured to London. It was an unexpected surprise which was very much welcome and thoroughly enjoyed. The dude asked if I wanted to spend some time at London’s Hyde Park and how could I say no. We are still working on cementing this friendship into relationship so this was needed.

And there you have it the August Recap of the things that made me happy throughout the month. Below are some articles I shared in August;

  • Great idea for a blog series. The afternoon tea looks and sounds yummy.

  • What a wonderful post series! I love that French manor, how beautiful for a wedding!

  • Stephanie

    Great idea to create a post focusing on the positives, that food looks amazing!!

  • Talya Stone

    I love posts like these it really shows us we have a lot to be thankful for and what a fab 12 months you have had!

  • Kara

    Afternoon Tea at Chi Kitchen looks amazing and that chateau is stunning

  • Moderate Mum

    I love when a wedding also means a holiday – what a gorgeous venue!

  • Laura @dearbearandbeany

    A wedding in France looks amazing, their chateau’s are always beautiful. What a lovely idea to look back at happy moments x

  • Mellissa Williams

    Oh what a lovely place to attend a wedding! Love that you also went and visited Paris, it is a beautiful city

  • Lauren Porter

    We have had quite a few hard days recently & have to keep setting my mind to think of all the positives! The wedding venue is stunning x

    • Sometimes it can be hard to focus on the positives when there are so many hard times.

  • Little Steps

    Love that you’re living your life to the hilt by enjoying and travelling as much as you can 🙂 I was about to say, keep doing it, but it’s obvious that you will! x

  • David Jack Taylor

    What a lovely idea for a blog series. Paris is on my to do list!

  • Laura Dove

    Ahh what a lovely look back! The wedding in a French chateau sounds amazing! How gorgeous!