Top Five Friday ~ From Paris with Love!! 

Happy Friday y’all, I am so glad to be here in Paris enjoying the city and embracing everything French. Though it’s not an entirely leisure visit we decided to add in some fun into our day. It’s not everyday you hop on a plane and find yourself in Paris especially during summer as it can be quite expensive.

Last Friday I mentioned how I am working to revive this blog and post more often than not. Currently Monday’s {You’re the Star link party} and Friday {Top Five Friday} seems to be the only days I can pull out content. That’s fine by me as it’s better than no content at all if I want this blog to continue ticking over.

top five friday

Top Five Friday ~ From Paris with Love 

As mentioned, I am currently in Paris to firstly explore the city and its secrets then venture off to a wedding tomorrow. But before we do that, here are the Top Five Friday items I wanted to share.

Exploring Paris, we flew to Paris last night so we can spend all day today exploring the love city. We want to see so much but also have time to relax, first stop is the Louvre Museum. We have so much on our list because it’s my friend’s first time and my fourth.

Paris with Love

Wedding in a Castle, tomorrow’s wedding will be held in a castle just outside Paris. Follow me on Instagram where I will be sharing sneak picks of the location and the beautiful castle. I am going as my besties plus 1 to her friend’s wedding who is also my friend{ish}.

Last weekend my sister and I went to London to review the afternoon tea menu at Chi Kitchen. We had such an amazing time and grateful for the opportunity to taste the exquisite menu. Until recently I didn’t know that the executive chef at this restaurant is 2014 Master Chef winner Ping Coombes.


Dating again, so I finally too the plunge and started dating again. It was not an easy decision for me, I was in a 10-year relationship which broke down. Learning to love, to trust and be me again with someone new wasn’t an easy process. But I am glad to say, I am taking it one day at it take but also going with the wind. I forgot just how awesome the honeymoon phase can be but also how scary and fragile it can leave you.

Continuing on with the dating theme, for our latest date he cooked me Paella which was out of this world. He looks to cook so much and has brought out the domestic {baking} goddess in me. He doesn’t like to bake and I am not that good a cook but love to bake. We compliment each other in more ways than one, it’s truly refreshing to date someone like him.

Until next time, from Paris with love.

  • Our Family World

    Paris has always been our favorite vacation destination. We’ve been there twice as a family and we are planning another vacation in a year or two. You just can’t get enough of this city!

  • chubskulit

    PARIS IS ONE OF THE MANY PLACES I REALLY WANT TO VISIT SOMEDAY. Hopefully we can afford to go there with the whole family soon.

  • I love Paris and can’t wait to go back! My last trip was really brief and I hope next time I’d be able to stay longer.

  • Mommy Moment

    My sister went to Paris a few years ago, and ever since she got back, my daughter has been saying she is going to Paris when she is older. I hope she brings me along with, LOL 😉

  • Christy Maurer

    I want to go to a wedding in a castle in Paris! I’d settle for living in one too though….. Good luck in the dating world!

  • Kita Bryant

    It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun! So much to see and do!


    Haven’t made it to France yet myself. Hoping to tour Europe someday but probably won’t happen until the kids are out of the house.

  • Pam

    I have always wanted to go to Paris. And how fun to go to a wedding in a castle! That’s so unique.

  • I’ve never been to Europe, but Paris looks beautiful. So exciting to be going to a wedding there.

  • Ooo Paris. I was there years ago and I can’t wait to go back. It’s so beautiful. Good luck with the dating!

  • blm03

    I would love to go to Paris. It has been a dream of mine since I was little. The Eiffel Tower looks amazing.

  • Doria Miyata Murphy

    Oh my gosh a wedding in a castle sounds amazing! Have fun and I can’t wait to see your pics!

  • Tomi_C

    I’m stuck on your flew to Paris for a wedding at a castle. Everything about that is just beautiful. Enjoy the wedding and congrats on dating again.

  • Candy Kage

    Think a wedding in a castle would be so awesome and memorable. Good luck with dating again. Wish I was in Paris right now instead of laid up in bed from knee surgery.

  • I have wanted to visit Paris ever since I was a tween, watching the show Beverly Hills 90210, when Brenda and Kelly went, and ended up eating snails! Haha.

  • Oh my goodness a wedding in a castle just outside Paris, that really sounds like the dream doesn’t it.

  • Robin Rue

    Best of luck with dating. I think that is an exciting time in someone’s life, so enjoy the ride.

  • Kemkem

    This is so cool! Glad you’re loving your time in the city of love. It’s also fantastic that you started dating and how nice to find someone who loves to cook. My husband does too, thank God, because l hate it. Have fun at the wedding in the castle. How romantic :-).