Top Five Friday – Oxford Foodies Festival 

Oxford Foodies Festival starts today and thanks to our sponsor Sparkling Ice, we will be attending it. I have never been to a foodie festival before nor any festival for that matter so I am pretty excited. Our lovely sponsor provided two tickets and I am taking my sister as it’s literally next door to her house. The festival will be running all through the weekend and I am excited to try out the many food and drink stands.

Top Five Friday – Oxford Foodies Festival 

Now whilst the Oxford Foodies Festival is the epic thing for today and this weekend, here is my Top Five Friday.

  • Attending the Oxford foodies festival (obviously) and meeting up with our sponsor to drink flavored water to my heart’s content. Those who know me know I am not a fun of drinking water unless it’s flavour and I spend a fortune on it.
  • Showing gratitude to my sponsors, regular readers of A July Dreamer know how important this is to me. Every month I dedicate a post to the sponsors and send out an email to the PR or brands directly.
  • Celebrating as my sister finally passed her driving test and now we are on a hunt for a car. Thank you Jesus, it was long time coming we just needed to practice patience.
  • Exclusive Events, not sure what as happened but we’ve been invited to 3 exclusive events all happening in September. I am not complaining but just on shock as this is way out there for us.
  • Promotion, after 3.5 years of working for my company I have finally been promoted effective today. This has been long time coming and I am so grateful, thank you Jesus.

As you can see, my Top Five Friday is packed full of awesomeness and I am forever grateful.