Top Five Friday ~ Event and Fun Fueled

Happy Friday y’all, I am very excited it’s Friday because I have such a busy weekend ahead. Whilst I don’t do Top Five Friday post that often I do enjoy putting them together for you guys. I am someone who loves to share her loves for so many things with others. If that puts a smile on someone’s face or makes their day then I am even more happier.

I am slowly but surely trying to revive The Myrabev Life, regular readers know this is one neglected blog. But I am hoping it change that soon and I know I mentioned it in the last TWO Top Five Friday posts. HERE and HERE. But as I have said in each one, I can only do my best and won’t promise nothing more than that. One thing I can promise is I will keep running this blog along my main blog: A July Dreamer.

Top Five Friday ~ Event and Fun Fueled

Virgin Oxford Half Marathon – don’t ask but somehow I have signed myself up for a half marathon. I have never run a half marathon before and not sure what to expect but will start training for it soon. The marathon is in October but the company backing me are having a pre-event party next week.

Speaking of events, I got my invite for the Next Blogger Network event at the end of September. I am super excited as I haven’t been for a couple years now and can not wait to reconnect with fellow bloggers. We are such an amazing community and it’s fun sharing the space with such incredible and talented people.

Chi Kitchen afternoon tea with a twist, I am glad to be reviewing the afternoon tea at this restaurant. Tagging along will be my sister who helped me review Shakespeare’s Globe and Mango Tree on my main blog.

Another event my sister will be tagging along to as my plus one is the Oxford Food Festival. I am so excited as I have never been before and I have always wanted to go. It’s super awesome that I have a sponsor who has graciously agreed to provide me tickets to attend this super event.

Spend time with friends.

I don’t have that many friends and the ones I do have are special to me. As I have grown older I have narrowed down people I consider my friends and would do anything for. Then I have the what I call “Hi, Bye” kind of friends whom you chat with but wouldn’t trust with your life. This weekend I will be with my special friends and we have so much planned I am too excited.

And there you have it, my Top Five Friday event and fun fuelled. It’s crazy how I don’t share these more often but definitely hope to keep it up.

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