{Guest Post} Lucy’s Fitness Journey {Part 1}

Regular readers of A July Dreamer have sampled some of my sister’s writing when she guest posted for me. She shared her thoughts on our visit to Mango Tree, Shakespeare’s Globe and Chi Kitchen. Because of that I wanted her to share her tips on how she got those fine abs. So without further adieu, here is her fitness journey.

fitness journey

Ok so it’s 8:30pm in the evening and I just came back from a fun run. This is usually a 4-6 mile run, I feel super pumped ready to take you on a fitness journey of how I got here.

I just want to make a couple things clear before I get started. 

  • I am NOT a medical professional of any sort, I’m an artist.
  • What I find has worked for me may NOT work for you and that’s ok. Life is all about trail and error.
  • This article is by no means encouraging, skipping meals etc merely just sharing an idea.

About 8-9 months ago, my work colleagues and I decided to join our local cross-fit gym known as the Athlete centre. {#Teamtac} This journey was mainly about us bonding as a team and trying to keep fit. We work a 9-5 job, we’re sitting around all day getting distracted and just load up on junk food to keep going.

The beauty about this journey is there’s nothing complicated about it no tricks or quick get skinny schemes. You just eat better food and do more exercise. The difficult part is the making yourself do it and having the discipline. Fortunately I’ve figured out that training in group can be motivational and helps generate momentum to attend training sessions.

Here are the most important messages:

  • FOOD

We’ve devised 3 routines consisting of 1 cardio session, 1 pure strength and 1 cardio strength. The most effective regime, cross between cross fit and circuit training. In today’s post I will cover Training, the next two installments will cover Food and discipline/mental aspect.

Lucy’s Fitness Journey ~ TRAINING

Initially when we first started we used to only go once a week! To think that now we’re able to fit in 3 sessions is amazing and just a sign of how far we’ve come.


Routine: set up 12- 16 lbs kettle bells, 9kg ball, pull up bar, tyre, 5-20 lbs deadlift bar and a 600 metre sprint. We do a minute on each station and then 30 seconds rest. Followed by a 600 metre sprint, Kettle bells; frog jumps or farmers walks (usually about 50-100 metres back and forth).

  • 9kg ball: I can usually manage up to 20-25 wall balls squats and 30 sit ups with the ball.
    Pull up bar: my reps usually vary as I am still working on my upper body strength, but I can manage up to 10-15 pull ups.
  • Tyre lifts: currently the tyre that’s at the centre we train, is a little too big for me (it’s bigger than me) I tend to just do jumps in and out of the tyre for a minute. I try and do them quicker each time. To get my heart rate up but also improve my focus levels.
  • 5-10 lbs deadlifts: I’ll do about 8-10 over head lifts and then tend to alternate to deep squat lifts.
    600 metre sprint; at the end of each round we sprint back and forth. usually the first run isn’t my best run. This is an area that I am working on improving, with my Sunday morning runs. However my body does tend to recover very quickly so my second and 3 round are my best. And I can mask doing a 4th run.

This is our Monday workout which we tend to do for at least 45-50 mins. It’s pretty intense but the feeling afterwards is amazing. I love training at the Athlete centre; the environment is like a playground for adults. Who like to move, jump, swing, hang and lift. It’s fun.

Wednesdays: Strength;

The usual set up consists of; Over head lifts, deep squats, dumbbells, bench presses and finally a quick rack run.

  • Overhead lifts: I recently upped my weight to 10 kg borderline 12 kg. Again we do these in increments of a minute. We try and do as many as we can within that minute then swap stations.
  • Deep squats: A long 10-15 lbs bar with a 5-10 plate weight on it. The aim is to do the squats as deep as you can to the point where your booty is almost touching the floor. After the 10th squat my thighs and booty are normally on fire. I just breathe through it, or take a couple seconds rest and then continue.
  • Dumbbells: The aim is to pick the bar up, bring it up to your hip and then stretch turn the up sideways and then pushing up with one arm then alternating with the other. Sounds easy right?
  • Bench presses: You have two dumbbells; bring them up to your chest close together and then lift straight up. The aim is to repeat this as many times as you can. To feel the back of your arms. If you can’t feel the burn. Your weight is too light.
  • Rack run: To conclude this routine; we’ll go to the dumbbell area and start with the heaviest – lightest weight we can lift. This usually leaves us all feeling super pumped and works out a different part of our body. I find that with this exercise it is mainly to help improve my coordination and speed.

By having 3 types of routines I feel like am hitting different training zone and energy systems. Working my heart and lungs and my physical strength.

Cardio strength;
We tend to do this routine inside. Which consists of; Planks, burpees, frog jumps, wall balls and spider man crawls.

  • Planks ; the aim is to plank for a minute and sometimes a minute and a half.
  • Burpees: we tend to do these for a minute, but I’ll be perfectly honest by the time. I do my 20th one I struggle to raise my hands as high as I did initially.
  • Frog jumps: this is usually with a kettle bell. The idea of it sounds so easy, but when you’ve still got another 20 seconds left and sweat dripping down your face and arms it’s torture! The first time I did this exercise, walking the next day was a little tricky.
  • Wall balls: I can usually do about 20 of these. I am working on being able to do more within a minute. This’ll come over time as my speed improves.
  • Spider-Man crawls: The space is usually about 10-15 metres. You just crawl front and back. As someone whose working on their coordination. This does prove tricky. I just can’t get low enough yet.

We do 3 reps of this; as 3 of our members are new we haven’t been able to up the reps to 4. In a months time I know that this’ll be possible and I’m so excited for this.

Look out for part 2 were we will cover food, discipline and mental aspects.

  • Such an inspiration!It is nice that you have different routines each day.And it seems all these efforts are worth the time!Great for anyone who likes inspiration on getting fit!

  • Ana Ojha

    For cardio, I hate doing elliptical and trend mill but I like jogging with my headphones! I have never tried Burpees and Spider Man Crawls but I think that I should start doing them for strength!

  • Very positive attitude and I’m sure that helps to stay motivated. I agree that discipline is key. I love snacking but restrict myself, I know I can eat 10 packets of crisps a day!

  • Jacinta Zechariah

    I really need to think about a fitness regime and I think you’ve inspired me to do so. Love the details of each exercise.

  • Céline CLudik

    You article is so encouraging and inspiring ! I need to get some motivation to start a new Fitness journey 😉 I fully agree that the hard part is making yourself get up and exercise. Than you for the explanations for each exercise. They are very easy to follow.

  • Steph

    Incredible dedication thats truly exemplary!! Thank you for sharing in depth tips on your fitness journey!

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  • Chiimmiii’s Happy World

    I don’t work out nearly as much as I should. But I’ve found that the
    kettle bell is highly effective, and was glad to see this mentioned.
    Thanks for this inspiration.

  • Rosemary Anderson Palmer

    Very inspiring. I had breast cancer surgery almost a year ago and really need motivation, especially for my age. Weight isn’t as much of an issue and good health.

  • I’m doing mainly cardio at the moment, but now starting to incorporate weights. I find balancing the food I eat really tricky, but I’m getting there slowly with portion control.

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  • Rachel B

    You make it sound so easy! I have been on and off at the gym for a while now but i soon loose motivation at the gym so i tend to join fitness classes. I have a dodgy back too so a few of these exercises like dead lifts are a no go for me. Good luck on your continued fitness journey.

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    The explanations for each exercise is easy to follow. I agree that the hard part is making yourself get up and exercise and the discipline to keep doing it for the long term but it is sooo rewarding when you finally see results and that you’re gaining strength and able to do more reps.

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    I must admit reading your post made me tired lol. I’ve just started my fitness journey recently after my third child I hope some of your determination and dedication rubs off on me! I really want to be healthy fit again.

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    Congratulations to you on your fitness journey! I don’t work out nearly as much as I should. But I’ve found that the kettle bell is highly effective, and was glad to see this mentioned. Thanks for this inspiration.

  • You go, girls! I’ve been on my fitness journey for a while now but I know that I’m lacking discipline, which is why my results haven’t been as vast as I would like. Keep it up, girls! Persistence is key – like you said, who knows what you can achieve in a months time if you stick to it?! 🙂

    All the best on your journey! 🙂
    Christie’s Take on Life xx

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