Lucy’s Fitness Journey {Part 2}

Yesterday I shared with you aspects of my training, whats involved and the types of sessions we do. Today I will focus on food, specially what I have excluded from my diet and what I eat more of. I will also cover something very important; the discipline and mental well-being during this fitness journey.



I don’t want to use the word diet because am not on a diet. I’ve just switched from processed food to earth grown foods. I try as much as I possibly  can to only consume earth grown nutrients. Though I have a slight challenge of being lactose intolerance it doesn’t limit my palette. My body has never really been able to process dairy. I feel like with my journey this has been advantageous. Whilst the goal hasn’t been to lose weight but to be stronger physically and mentally.

Lifestyle Changes

Prior to cleaning up my diet I didn’t know the affect this type of food had on my body. I am not a nutrition expert however I found that eating junk food, snacking didn’t make me feel better at all. In fact I just felt worse and I didn’t understand why. At university it was so easy to get chips, get a sub, Nandos you name it I’d have it. Once I decided to cut out sugar, bread and pasta I just felt this shift within. I didn’t do all of this at once as there’s just no way my body would be able to absorb this type of shock. Therefore I decided to do it slowly and gradually, again I didn’t want fast results I wanted to feel better about myself.

  • Sugar: I’ve always loved sugar, in my porridge, tea, cake anything that sugar can be added to. Four {4} teaspoons of sugar in my tea please.
  • Bread: I swapped white bread for brown flat bread, or the one with the seeds. At first I just thought gosh what is this, however I learnt to enjoy it as time went on. I generally tend to feel better knowing that the food I’m consuming is good for me.


Generally helping me maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I’ve also introduced lentils, more water consumption, brown rice, kale, quinoa and #Heul.

Human fuel: Huel

“Huel is nutritionally complete food, providing you with all 26 essential vitamins and proteins, essential fats.”
“Huel is made from a blend of oats, pea protein, flaxseed, brown rice protein including lecithin..”
The flavour I usually get is the vanilla flavour which be consumed  with water or flavoring.  My favourite is Banana, 95% of the time I do consume it unflavored but whenever I need a little pick me up after training. I’ll add the banana flavour, it is delicious. To read more about Heul and it’s benefits please visit


I had to make a choice because in the past, I’ve worked out. Joined the gym but still ate poorly, then saw no results. I’d end up upset and out of pocket because I just simply did not commit. This is my second serious attempt at taking control of my health. I decided that I am not just doing this for 5 minutes and quitting, I am in for the long haul.  Obviously there are so many things that are trying to knock you off course.

  • That night out that you’ve got to go to Drinking.
  • That late night were you’ve got to stay back at work.
  • That holiday errand that you’ve got to run.
  • Oh I’ve got no food in the fridge and I can’t be asked to cook!

They’re all trying to knock you off and can become easy excuses and so and we’ve figured out. If you’ve scheduled sessions with other people you get that extra push to just get on with it.  But also you find yourself looking forward to the next session. At times I find that I have so much energy during the week that needs to be burnt off. I go on a fun run, which is about 4-6 miles around Oxfordshire which leaves me rejuvenated.


In conclusion

It’s simple,  you’ve only got to focus on 3 things – Food, training and discipline. It may work for you, it may not work for you and some may have a longer journey than mine. I’m not a scientist, just an average girl sharing her “secret”. I realised that if I made smarter food choices and look after my health, I am also bettering my mental health.

There’s something about the way the body and mind respond to exercise, I’ve seen this as a way of self care. Running or even just food consumption may not be something that’s easy for you. But for me I know that if I just pace myself in all aspects it works out. If you take time to understand and respond to your body’s needs then you are half way there. Again it is not about me trying to lose weight, just me bettering myself and finally taking control and accountability of my actions.

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