{Guest Post} 5 ways to stay fit and healthy whilst on holiday

Stay fit on holiday

Are you off on holiday this summer but concerned that the summer bod that you’ve spent the last few months working for will quickly come undone when you’re actually on holiday? Are you someone that likes to indulge and go a bit crazy as soon as you hop off the plane? Worry not – here are a few quick and easy tips to make sure that you’re making wise decisions for your health when on holiday, but most importantly, that you have fun whilst doing so.

  1. Stay hydrated

A really important thing to do before you head off on holiday (that almost always gets forgotten), is to check out what the water laws are in the country you’re travelling to. Is tap water drinkable? Is it free at restaurants? Knowing these things in advance will help prevent you getting caught out.

Staying hydrated when you’re doing a lot of walking and exploring is so important. I know finding public toilets can be a pain when you’re on holiday but that isn’t an excuse. Drinking lots of water every day is important no matter where you are – but especially if you’re active all day in a hot climate. Make sure to stock up on some water bottles once you arrive at your destination so you’re never short. It will also help fill your tummy up so you’re not always craving a sugary snack.

  1. Snack wisely

It’s wise to bring some (healthy) snacks along with you on your holiday both for the journey and for days out. This way, when you get a little peckish throughout the day you won’t immediately be running up to the nearest ice cream stall. Of course, you can also buy snacks in the supermarket once you get there but you’re not sure what sort of stuff will be on offer on your holiday, it’s best to go prepared with some of your favourites.

  1. Avoid drinking too much alcohol

I don’t want to be a fun sponge here and I am definitely not against getting a little tipsy or even drunk on your holidays. However, if you’re aiming to maintain your fitness and health over your break, no matter how long it is, then the amount of alcohol you consume should be something to think about. If you’ve got a big day ahead maybe go easy on the drinks so you don’t end up hungover when you’re trying to explore. Also think about your activity and how much you’re eating so you don’t accidentally drink more than your body can handle on that day.

  1. Pack a pair of trainers

What better way to explore a new city than by going for a morning jog and putting some feelers out for where you might like to head later in the day? By doing this you’ll almost certainly come across some hidden gems that you otherwise wouldn’t have seen and it’s generally a really great way to get to know the city quickly and exercise at the same time! Double tick.

  1. Listen to your body

After numerous nights of eating out and going to bars, your body will probably start to feel very heavy and lethargic. This is when you need to stop and listen to it. Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean you HAVE to indulge in everything that is on offer to the point that your body feels bloated and uncomfortable. I have done this many times, telling myself that this could be the last time I’ll ever be in this location and therefore I’ve got to make the most of all the delicacies available.

You cannot possibly eat/drink every little specialty on your travels. This is unrealistic, expensive and will probably lead to you gaining a few pounds. Be sensible with what you’re putting into your body. Of course you should try as many new things as possible, but try not to go overboard if your body is telling you no.

Are you off on holiday this year? Where will you be going?

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