Top Five Friday ~ Friday 13th

Happy Friday 13th y’all. Yep it’s Friday 13th and I am not leaving my house, nope not thanks. The weather is super crazy cold and crazy 😜 people be out today. There is always something bad in the news about Friday 13th and I am not giving it gas to light me up.

So, it’s been a while since I truly wrote a post on this website. Yes I know what you’re thinking, I share You’re the star blog hop posts every Monday. Yes that’s a linky not my actually post of sharing what’s what. Today I took the plunge, I am working from home (WFH) and felt let me put some ink to paper (so to speak) and say hi. Also put down five Things that I hope to be sharing on this blog this year. No I don’t have resolutions or major plans about this blog but I know I won’t be shutting it down.

top 5 friday


I thought I start to share some of the recipes I have been trying or love. I will start off with a cocktail recipe which involves some ginger beer and non-alcoholic wine.

Book Reviews 

It’s been forever and a day since I did a book review. I used to review loads of  books on here previously of all genre but mostly kids and romance.

Personal confessions

I loved shared all sorts of personal confessions from relationship advise to my journey to becoming debt free. Though I am not entirely sure what confessions I will be doing this time but I am excited to start.

Health Updates 

Last year I joined the gym and was good at attending the gym but was rubbish at remembering to document it. This year I hope that changes I can share it more on here.

Meal planning 

The last week has been fun getting back into meal planning so I am excited to start this again and share with you.

So the schedule for this blog (when able) will be as follows, because if you maintain a routine it becomes easier to follow and stick to:

  • Sunday – Meal Planning
  • Monday – Blog hop or linky party
  • Wednesday – Recipes or personal confessions
  • Friday – Health updates or Book Reveiws

And there you have it, I hope to give this blog another lease of life this year. It’s not easy managing two blogs and working full time plus regular travel but I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

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