Happy 3rd Blogaversary

Happy 3rd Blogaversary to TML, The Myrabev Life. Though I hardly ever blog here, I still remember when and why I started this second blog. Regular readers know I am always on top of my main blog A July Dreamer but rarely blog on here. I will not make promises I can not keep, I do not know when next I shall blog on here.

When I shared my 2nd Blog Blogging Anniversary, I shared what I had learned over the then last two years. The lessons I shared then are still true today and I am learning more as the days, weeks and months pass. I remember saying to my fellow bloggers:

  • Be True to you
  • Write for you
  • Blog when you can – very applicable to me
  • Never underestimate your talent
  • Have fun

3rd blogaversaryHappy 3rd Blogaversary

Celebrating my 3rd blogaversary has come as a shock to me if i am honest. There has been many times I have thought about calling it a day with this blog. But for some reason I feel in the future it will be useful and I should keep it for then. I have no idea what the future holds but somehow my instincts seem to have picked up on something I am yet to know.

Blogging is something that is misconstrude in the media. The public have been led to believe that if you’re a blogger you get free struff whenever. The definition of free in blogging world is different to the norm, ‘free’ means:

Tell us your opinion by writing an essay of 500+ words. We might not like your writing so be ready to rewrite your work, take nice pictures.

  • Show some engagement on your post for us to believe the followers you have are real.
  • Share on all your social media outlets
  • Continue to work redicoulous hours if you want us to come back or others to follow suit.
  • Spend more time online than in real life

Once you’ve done that and more then we might be happy. But before the ‘free’ items can come to you, you should have:

  • 5-12k minimum views on your blog
  • You should have atleast 10k followers on your social media accounts, some might even ask for on one.
  • Show us what you’ve reviewed before so we can use as reference
  • Are you a trust worthy blogger or someone just out to get free stuff?

There are so many things that are required of a blogger before they can even see ‘free’ stuff. It took me 18 months for both my blogs, its a big world full of bloggers, the competition is fierce.

Don’t look down on a blogger, until you’ve been one as you have no idea how much work goes into being one.

Happy 3rd Blogaversary to TML (aka me).

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