The New Little Loan with Vivus

Vivus, a short term loan company offering short-term loans to savvy borrowers. Regular readers of my blog know, I just finished paying off my debt earlier in the year. I have documented my journey of how I became debt free on the blog in ‘debt is no small matter. So you know I wouldn’t want to be sharing any information that will land you in debt. Vivus short term loans are NOT for those in debt but for those who just need a short term loan and will pay back FULL AMOUNT come pay day.

My motto when I started paying off my debt and up to when I finished is/was ‘don’t spend what you don’t have‘. This might seem like common sense to some but please remember common sense isn’t that common. But even with my mantra, there are unavoidable circumstances that can lead you to needing some emergency funds. Vivus is that answer to this emergency situation and can lend you money.

Like many loans companies; short or long term borrowing, you’re assessed according to your credit score. If you have bad credit score, a mathematical algorithm would put you in the no category therefore you won’t get the loan. It is important to remember that DO NOT TAKE LOANS TO PAY OFF ONE DEBT AND LAND IN ANOTHER. Borrow only with the full knowledge that you can afford to pay the full amount back come pay day.

Vivus are; 

  • The one payment loan: A loan that is repaid in one go when you get paid next, keeping interest charges as low as possible
  • Vivus is a loans company, not a broker
  • Loans process is quick, online and there are no hidden fees
  • Transparent, flexible and understanding of customers
  • A one payment loan for savvy borrowers

I have been very fortunate since paying off my debt not to have needed an emergency infusion. But I do know that if I did I would borrow from such reputable lender. I have used payday loans before and at that time I didn’t use them wisely. Another mistake I made is choosing companies that charged extortionate amounts. But when you’re in need, you end up accepting anything and everything and most lenders will give you. This is NOT the case with Vivus, who gives sensible people control to borrow what you need. With an understanding you will pay back full amount come pay day. If you don’t pay back in full, you get 5 day extension and then charges will apply. Also you can’t borrow more on top of current loan. Charges are £12 if you miss your repayment and remember REPAYMENT HAS TO BE MADE IN FULL.

Late Fee Charges

Virus are currently offering first time loan borrowers half price first loan. This is with an understanding that FULL payment will be made come payday. If you miss repayment date, you have 5 days before any late charges or additional interest is applied. If payment is not received after 5 days, a late payment fee of £12 is charged. Interest is added on a daily basis, from the due date until payment is made.  Late interest is at the same rate as the loan (i.e. 0.4% per day for the first loan and 0.8% per day for subsequent loans).

Vivus short-termn loan is for those who need a cash infusion to tidy them over until payday, Full repayment is expected. This is not a loan company for those in debt or with bad credit history as Vivus only lends to sensible people.

Have you ever heard of vivus or taken out a short-term loan?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Vivus, regardless all opinions are my own.

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