Top Five Friday – Decision Day

oh wow, I can not believe how quick this Friday came by, I mean doesn’t the week just drag on for you and everyday you’re wishing it’s Friday and then boom Friday is here. For me this Friday is a really big Friday and I have named it the Decision Day.

I have not really done top five (5) Friday posts for a while now, actually until last week it was mostly ghost town around these parts but I am slowly getting my groove and keeping things ticking over here.

Let’s stuck right in with Decision Day

Decision day

Decision Day

  • Joining the Gym – Ever since I returned back from Korea, I have not been impressed with how much weight my mid section has put on whilst I was in Korea. I mean it was a holiday and I had fun but come on!!! Who puts on 10kilos in just 2 weeks? Obviously me, so today I went and registered for the gym and my first classes after induction is next week Thursday.
  • Booking Eurostar tickets for France – so I finally took the plunge a couple days ago to jump on the current deal with Eurostar £29 single to France (£58 return). I have decided to go next month taking a Friday afternoon off and heading to Paris and return back to London Sunday evening.
  • Theory Test – so my test date is near and I am very nervous because I let my previous pass certificate expire so I need to re-do the text and I have not really done much revision. If I pass I will share otherwise not lol
  • Collaborations Weekend – so I have decided to use this weekend to write all my collaboration posts that I have left by the waste side. I have not made a video in forever so I am nervous to do a video review.
  • Book a festival – so my sister and I have decided to go to a festival together, currently we looking at Reading or Wirless festival so will see which one we can do if not both.

And there you have it for my Decision Day top five Friday. What are you up to this fine Friday?

  • Oh we go to France on Sunday 🙂 and we are going to our first festival this summer. My eldest went to Wireless three years ago when Rihanna headlined – she loved it. Kaz x

    • I am so jealous as I am still waiting on something before I can finally go to a festival

  • Good luck with your theory! And what a coincidence that we’ve also booked to go to Paris. We’re flying though as we aren’t in London. But there is something calling me about Paris right now and I can’t wait.

    • Thanks so much, I had a lovely time in Paris. Hope you did too

  • Amy

    Good luck with your test! I’m booking a theory this month, I want to get it in before the holiday!

  • These are great decisions! Mine are to join the gym, start eating healthy again, act like a grown-up and get my life together, and stop worrying about the little things.

    • Thanks and hours are great too

  • Nice list! I particularly like the Paris and Festival with your sister. R

    • Thanks, I can’t wait to go to both of them

  • Those are some fab plans I didn’t realise the Eurostar was so cheap I may have to drag the bf for a weekend in Paris x

    • I didn’t know there was a deal until boo told me about it.

  • You should go to Reading Festival it’s such an eccelectic mix of music so something for everyone, although Wireless is fun too. Good luck with your theory test x

    • Thanks Rhian, I can not wait to go to either one though Resding is only 15 minutes away from me so would make much more sense

  • Ana

    £58 to France and back I think that is quite cheap surprisingly! I would love to go there and I worked and wrote posts and edited photos.

    • It’s definitely a huge bargain especially at this time of year

  • I rested and wrote some outstanding blog posts xo

  • You got a great deal on the Eurostar tickets, well done you, something I am still yet to do!

    • Thanks, I am so happy with the deal

  • Ali

    I need to go back to the gym too. Waah! I didn’t know Eurostar had a deal on, sounds great, I’m off to check it out!

    • Yes they do, I saw it on UK deals and managed to grab me a ticket