Simple Date ideas

I have taken to writing simple date ideas as a way to remind myself that I need to make more of an effort in my romantic relationship. The last time I went on a date with MOH was over 6 weeks ago and I can’t possible say it was a date ‘date’ more like a date with family and friends. We’ve not done proper dates for months now and I am not sure we actually remember what it’s like to be on a date with each other.


Simple date ideas

A new friend of mine took me on a ‘date’ to Namsam Tower when I was visiting another friend in Seoul, South Korea. It was nice to be in a place of lovers enjoying some alone time, getting to know each other once more. It hit home for me because I have not done that with MOH for yonks. Having the perfect scenery, the perfect weather and perfect company is something you only usually see in movies, real life kinda plays to a different beat. With that in mind, I thought I share some simple date ideas which have worked for me us in the past and hoping to give them another run.

Watch a Movie

Cinema or Home – this one never grows old on anyone, MOH and I love watching movies but we are also huge critics so only a handful of movies that come out do we go out to watch them in the cinema. Sometimes we love re-watching some old classics like Ace Ventura just because they are always a great laugh. You don’t have to stick to movies you can watch documentaries too, MOH loves them and always picks ‘interesting‘ ones to watch which usually freak me out as it bursts my little bubble and opens me up to reality. But the point is watching movies together whether at home or cinema is a great way to spend time together.


Hear me out!!! Most men hate shopping with their partners because we women take forever to pick items and sometimes we go overboard. And I know some men are the same, so MOH and I sometimes (and I mean sometimes) compromise. We go to he’s fair stores (anything with gadgets) and we get to visit some of mine. This one can go either way, be the best time you’ve spent together or the worst so it’s up to you both if this is something doable or not.

Cook together

MOH and I have not cooked a proper meal together for a long time which is funny because for the first fours year into our relationship we used to enjoy this, now almost 10 years on we are hardly in the kitchen at the same time and if we are he’s cooking and I am eating or watching.

Play games together

This is something new even for me, boo doesn’t really play games on he’s console anymore now that every mobile has too many apps offering different kinds of games. This shouldn’t be a deterrent because you can play board games and other games like drinking games which I love.

Relax together

MOH loves leisure fishing which I wasn’t too keen on at first until one beautiful summer’s day, whilst he was fishing with friends I managed to catch some shut-eye under a lovely cool breeze and since then it’s been our place to chill and still spend quality time together.

When it comes to simple date ideas, you don’t have to break the bank to spend some quality time together. For new parents out there who are yet to figure out how they will ‘reclaim’ the romance/dates you can start slow with these ideas or go all out and do a weekend getaway even home or abroad. For veteran parents, you know when the best time is for date nights so why not try this ideas.

What do you think of my simple date ideas? Share some of yours in the comments below!!

  • Hannah

    Cant go wrong with shopping and eating! Its so important to continue going on dates x

    • I believe it’s so important to continue dating each other even after marriage and kids

  • Some great ideas here – I just need to get me a man now lol! Kaz x

    • Hahahaha, don’t wait for him go find him or better yet take yourself out. I do lol

  • Great ideas we find anything we can do together now a date. We love a bit of bingo too

    • Awww that’s sweet, I love me some bingo too

  • Some really great ideas! Nothing beats a date night at home on the sofa with a glass of wine.

    • Nope you can’t argue with that date night idea

  • Great list. We love relaxing together, that’s for sure. We also sometimes try and make it a habbit to have dates at the gym when we are super busy. It’s fun having a work out buddy and have a little date time together.

    • Awww how cute, date night with a gym buddy sounds nice. I need one to motivate me to go to the gym

  • I’ve always loved watching a movie on a date – then dissecting the film afterwards! 🙂

  • These are such great ideas you shared! Playing games is my favorite one!

  • Some fab ideas! As we are both music lovers, one of our favs is to turn the telly off and either get some records out or get the guitars out!

    • Awww how romantic is that I love that idea

  • Some great date ideas there. I think its important to enjoy each others hobbies like you say in the fishing post. 🙂

    • Thanks Nikki it is very important to embrace each other’s hobbies

  • I really do believe that in order to have a successful relationship its important to take time out for the mundane things we all slip in to after a while in a relationship and actually spend quality time together. Some great ideas here to keep the romance alive

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, we need to step out of routine and do something spotsneous or just nice for each other

  • Great ideas, I think creating regular date nights is healthy in a relationship. Even if it’s just a night of having a nice cooked dinner and having a movie marathon with no distractions x

  • I think board games of video games would be a winner for me!

    Corinne x

    • I wish I was good at video games then I could play with boo but no such luck lol

  • Ana

    Some great date ideas shared! My favorite date is going to Orlando’s theme parks – Disney and Universal with my hubby almost every month! 😉

    • oh wow, I am so jealous I wanna go to Orlando

  • Watching a movie and cooking together are my two favs!! I love this list, they are all great ideas!

  • My husband and I still date. It’s been 13 years this year and I think it’s the best thing to be able to set time aside for each other.

  • Hubby and go out and do a quiz night every other week, it may not sound romantic but its great fun

    • I think its cute and romantic

  • Shopping and eating have got to be my favourite date ideas, even after you’ve been together years a date is super important! Me and my boyfriend try to have fortnightly date nights 🙂 x

    • I couldn’t agree more, dates are important regardless of how long you’ve been together

  • Sarah Ella (Mumx3x)

    Aww, I love these ideas. Playing games is my favourite one! A good ol’e fashioned board game is my absolute favourite thing it do! I also love staying home and watching a movie all cosy and warm 😀 xx

    • Thanks, I don’t know many board games but monopoly does the trick. Staying in warm is awesome

  • I love spending time in the kitchen with my husband, it happens so rarely though! I’ve thought of doing a cooking class together – have you ever done that?

    • I think that is an awesome idea, I have never thought to do a cooking class together. Thanks for the idea

  • These suggestions are all wonderful. Cooking together is so romantic! When my husband and I were dating, we were always looking for creative date ideas like this!

    • Thanks Beth, doing something together is always nice when both enjoy it i think

  • Since becoming parents almost 3 years ago I rarely get ‘dates’ with my partner any more. We do make the effort to have one night a week screen free time to just have a nice meal or watch a film together though x

    • Awwww bless, I think its sweet that you still manage to make time for each other

  • I love nothing more than cuddling up to watch a film, on the assumption we can both agree on one to watch x

    • Hahaha that can also be tricky but nice once a decision has been made. I love cuddling too

  • Ana

    I would love to go to the Namsam tower, it can be difficult to keep on dating especially when you have so many commitments like yourself but it is lovely that you both still make time for each other.

    • Thanks Ana, Namsam Tower is the must be place for a date along side the Han river but then again in Kore anywhere is perfect lol.

  • Those are great simple ideas that you can do together! I second the shopping idea. I have done that with my husband who hates to shop and we have had a lot of fun together and actually accomplished something! Great ideas!

    • That’s amazing, glad to hear a positive for one of the ideas I have shared. Thanks Alison

  • Great date ideas. We try and watch a film together once a week when our son is in bed. I need to get our Wii working as we use to love playing games together before we had Blake.

    • Thanks Joanna and sounds like you guys have got it covered.

  • Love watching movies at the cinema or home with my hubby x

    • Awww that’s sweet, I am the same

  • Watching a movie together is always a great date idea. I love going to the cinema.

  • Fi Ni Neachtain

    Lovely ideas for dates. I think the simplest of dates can turn out to be the loveliest and most memorable.

    • Thanks Fiona, I couldnt agree more

  • Great ideas! Not sure my DH would forgive me if I tried to take him shopping though – LOL!

    • Hahahahaha, I am sure you could assist him if pressed lol but i get your point

  • Awww we love date nights too. I just can’t play games with my husband as he just wind me up. lol Or, I might end up in tears when he clearly not playing fair. AaacK!

    • Hahahaha, MOH does that sometimes but mostly he plays fair.

  • i love date night (what we call it) with my husband xx I love going to the cinema with him.

  • It’s so easy to stop dating once you’ve been in a relationship for some time. Good reminder that I need to incorporate more dates into our relationship.

    • I know right, it is so easy but we have to remember to think of each other