What I love to hate about blogging

Love to hate about blogging

I have been blogging for almost three (3) years now and to say I have come across a dozen blogs of all niches would be an understatement. There are blogs that from the word go you’re hooked and then there are blogs which don’t exactly match your palate but are still palatable then there those you dread reading or even coming across the blogsphere. I am not sure which of these categories my blog falls in for you but which ever it is we can’t please everyone and we shouldn’t try. That being said here are some things that I love to hate about blogging.

Love to hate about blogging

Commenting threads

I run a Facebook group called bloggers 2 brands and in the 12+ months that it’s been running we have tried a number of commenting threads until we landed with 3 that seem to have been working well for the last 6+ months. As bloggers we know we can’t just click publish and wait for comments and shares to come in, we have to do some social media tactics to help it along and commenting threads are one of those tactics. I love to hate about blogging: commenting threads because as much as we all love getting comments on our blogs they can be time-consuming and at times you find you’re reading a blog post which you have zero interest in but for etiquette’s sake we do what we must.

Follow for follow

when I started out as a novice blogger I got caught up in the follow for follow scheme on different social media and for most part it was a great way to up my numbers because more numbers (and interactions) equals more chances of that coveted sponsor. Then I learnt the hard way, people follow today wait a week to two and unfollow you. There are people with strategies, they follow certain number of people for certain number of days and then unfollow whilst you’re left following them. Thanks to numerous apps we can now see whose unfollowing etc. I love to hate about blogging: because it truly sucks when some bloggers do this and takes away the fun of the blogging community.


This all in all is a good thing but can get tiring sometimes. As part of blogged etiquette, when someone comments on your blog it’s good manners to reply and possible interact with that person. There are times when some people leave comments on your blog and you have no idea what they are talking about, I hate calling people out and I know we all have different understanding and interpret information different but for real!!! Most people think the picture in the post is what the post is about but as fellow bloggers can attest there are times when you don’t have that picture that goes with the post so you improvise instead. For some reason people scanning posts look at the picture and talk about how lovely it looks etc. making it so obvious that they did not read the post at all.

Following the trend

I have noticed a few bloggers who love following the trend and this is not always a bad thing because people want to voice their opinions which they are totally entitled to but there are some bloggers who will hijack the headlines or whatever is trending to get some page views. It’s funny because it’s so obvious they are not doing it to voice their opinions but to gauge the audience to bring views to their posts. We all love it when we get a lot of page views but there is a proper way to do it I think.

I have a handful of things I love to hate about blogging but it’s not a ‘this blogger does this and that blogger does that’ kind of post. This is more of pert peeves that I have come to realise I love to hate about blogging.

Overall blogging in general can be amazing, it can be a way to vent, share your ideas and give some love. Blogging for me personally has been very fulfilling and not only emotionally but financially too which was never part of the thought process when I started blogging but an added bonus I have earned along the way.

What are some of the things you love to hate about blogging?

Share yours in the comments below.

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