Save space when redecorating a child’s bedroom

It’s amazing how much stuff even the youngest of children can acquire in such a short space of time. By the time many kids are just three years old it will feel like they’ve got hundreds of toys, clothes and many more items scattered around their bedrooms.


Save space



Having plenty of space in a child’s bedroom is essential so that they have room to play and get on with any homework as they get older. A tidier environment is also a safer one. Whether it’s a large or small bedroom, if you’re redecorating and want to save space there are a few ways to go about it.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds have been a great space saver when twins, brothers and sisters have to share a room. Single bunk beds or high sleeper beds available from are especially useful for when there is just one child in a bedroom. This provides additional space under the child’s bed where a desk can be put, bean bags for reading and relaxing on or any other items. It could even just be used as extra storage space or to put a temporary bed for sleepovers.

Fold-out Desks

Especially when children get a little bit older and start doing homework on a regular basis a desk becomes essential. This can take up a lot of space though, so installing a foldable desk is a great idea. This can be done on the side of any wall or under the bed if the child has a bunk bed with enough room underneath. It can then be folded away when more room is needed later for playing and to avoid any accidents.

Movable Shelves

Create more space in certain areas of the room when you need it with shelves on movable casters. This makes it easier for moving things around the room as well as tidying up and forming enough space for other activities. They can also be moved out of the bedroom at a later date if no longer required.

Stackable Storage

There are many different varieties of stackable storage boxes that will look great in any child’s bedroom. Most come in all sorts of bright colours that will appeal to youngsters while serving a highly practical purposes of keeping toys and other items out of the way and off the floor. They are usually fairly cheap too. Consider these tips when redecorating and aiming to save space in a kid’s bedroom.

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  • Some great tips, I want a bed like this for L so I can have a play area underneath then a desk when he is older.

  • Brilliant tips here! I am thinking of getting my boys bunk beds when they are a bit older. They share a room and it is a bit cramped with them and all their toys as well.


  • I need all the storage space I can get! We have triple bunk beds in my boys bedroom – a double with a single above, great for sleepovers! Kaz x

  • Some great ideas here. Might use some myself just for space saving (rather than kids) etc.

  • Great tips you got here. Thanks for sharing.

  • You’ve shared some great tips, I love the sound of the fold down desk, great space saver! xxx

  • These are such great tips that will come in so handy in the future.

  • Ana

    I am going to be moving soon and am dreading redecorating because it will be an even smaller space than I already have. However we will be using bunk buds to keep the space free for all my clothes lol.

  • My daughter has a high bed with room to play with her toys underneath – perfect for a ‘box room’. I like your idea of a fold out desk – a desk is something Heidi has asked for but I didn’t think she had room. Now you have me thinking!