{Review} The January Period Box

Ok so I am officially certifying myself crazy since I have managed to review the November Box (First box), December Box and now January box in a space of 3 weeks (one box a week) but it had to be done, November and December were too busy months so January is making up for it.

January period box

For those who are not familiar with the Period Box, it is exactly what it says – a box containing all the necessities needed during that time of the month but what makes it awesome is that it has goodies included in each month and they are all useful and practical goodies.

For the January Box I got:

The normal – Pads (Day + Night) and Panty liners


Mango chocolate

Hot chocolate powder

English tea

Body Wash & Lotion

**Samples – Acorelle night and day creams**

January period box

The period box is a UK subscription service, you can cancel anytime and I think it is an excellent system especially for those with Teenager daughters who will be coming of age and will need these items handy. I am always forgetting to have the necessities with me because I always overshoot my dates so this box makes my life easier.

I appreciate it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I absolutely love it, so far it has been awesome and definitely recommending.


  • JB

    Period box? Really? I though pads, tampons and reusable menstrual cups are the only things we need during our period. It’s amazing that there are other products that can help us deal with the heavy and painful days!

  • This sounds great, a little box of goodies would definitely cheer me up during that time of the month x

  • I love that there are treats in these boxes and I love the entire concept f the box, it makes for not running out or running short x

  • This is a great idea! what a lovely way to make that time of the month a bit more bareable 🙂

  • I’m not one for subscription boxes, but I can see this may be helpful for those who like them.

  • Nice idea, how much is the box?

  • Wish this was about when Abbey was going through this – hopefully will still be going when Eliza needs it

  • fab idea to receive a box of goodies on your “time of the month” I can some times be out of “pads” when I need them.. so this is a great idea.. you wont be caught out x

  • This looks great – my youngest daughter has tried a similar box and loved it – it did really cheer her up! Kaz x

  • What a fantastic box, definitely makes menstruation much easier when you have a box of goodies to pamper yourself with!

  • What a fantastic box, I like the sound of mango chocolate that is not something I have come across before! How much are they?

  • I love this idea and have been considering something along these lines for my daughter when she starts her periods x

  • This is a cute idea. And I definitely like the sound of treats in the post when I’m feeling less than wonderful!

  • Wow, this looks like a box I could use! I am ALWAYS craving chocolate during my time of the month and it would be nice to have the extra treats around during that time. I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the review and the recommendation!