12 months of Happiness

12 Months of Happiness – 1 of 12

12 months of happiness

Happy new year and welcome to 12 months of happiness, last month (December 2015) <– Bye Bye I introduced this new series, where the idea had come from and what I would be sharing monthly. Just to recap, each month I will be sharing the happiness I experienced in the last ended month blogging and otherwise.

12 months of happiness

December as many people know is always a busy month regardless of what you do for a living. I had so many things to get done before the 15th and so little time to do it.

Blogging wise

December for A July Dreamer was a huge hit, we not only earned over £700 in sponsorship, the November Fashion Favourites post I shared in December went viral hitting over 2k in a few hours of posting. I was too happy I can not even contain it, it is still doing pretty well and the source of the traffic was from Stumbleupon.


The Myrabev Life also experienced some viral post of it’s own, the Travels Thus Far post where I documented all the travels I had undertaken in 2015 up until that point it hit the roof and become one of the most viewed/shared post on the blog for 2015.

I decided to do the Take 12 Trips Travel challenge and blog about it, so far I had done two trips abroad and I have booked 3 trips abroad one for each month in the next 3 months. I shared my first Take 12 Trips post on A July Dreamer.


 As mentioned above I am doing the Take 12 trips travel challenge, in December I made a spontaneous decision to go to a country I have never been to, a city I had never heard of or even understood the language. This was not the first for me, I did something similar in the summer when I went to Brussels in Belgium. This trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of.

Though I have visited Vilnius a few times over the years, this was the first time I went in winter and so close to Christmas. It was cold but there was no snow which was a shame but if I am honest I preferred it that way, we were instead graced by showers of rain every now and again. Whilst in Vilnius I was able to climb the castle and get a nice ‘night view’ of the city.

Boxing Day shopping in Harrods, London has been for the last 8 years our little tradition where we go and shop the Sales of Harrods perfume section which has always been fun and makes me really happy. MOH always makes it a little special trip for me as and added Christmas present.

At the beginning of December, my sister and I decided to grace the Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park. This was the first time for both of us but we had so much fun and can not wait to go back again. Next time I know what to do more of and what deals to get in advance. It was an impromptu visit for us so we only went on 1 ride but manage to play a lot of games which we lost and started to look like we were throwing money away literally.

hyde park

It was such a lovely month, so much happened that I couldn’t possibly document it all but I have shared some things that stood out to me and some I will keep to my memories.

What stood out for you in December 2015?

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