So December is almost over and I would be lying if I say I had been: hitting the gym (couch potato), eating healthily (junk food overload) and been busy burning the calories (lazier than usual) but that would be lying and we don’t tolerate that here. This month I am sharing the seventh post in the Health & Exercise monthly update, as most of you know I am anti-resolutions since I fail them year on year so I will not say I will join the gym or start exercising again, this will happen at its own accord in time.

Last month’s update I confessed to you about how I have not really done any exercises since the summer (a long time I know 🙁 ). I have so many excuses lined up to defend this but then again it is not really doing me any favours so have decided to do what I can when I and not try to force myself to do something I will end up giving up on not even half way there.

The only sort of exercise I have done on all the getaways I have been doing is exploring the new town, city or country which means a lot of walking even my withings gadget (fitbit) was impressed and awarded me every time I walked more than the previous day.

I know I have put on weight because even though all my clothes still fit, some are getting tight in uncomfortable areas (oops)!! I am still under 75Kg but it still means I am over 10kilo more than my target weight. I am 5’7 and my ideal weight for my height is max 67kg so I need to get my backside in gear and start dropping those kilos.

I do not yet have a plan on how I will achieve this but it’s definitely not with new year’s resolutions but motivation and determination just need a base line on how I jump on this.

Any suggestions for your girl on how she can drop them 10kilos?

Health Stats
73.5Kg (was 72 kg last month)
170m height
12-14 size.

xoxo ciao

  • I definitely put on a little weight in the winter. I think it inevetable. All the comfort food, biscuits and tea, the cold weather, all adds to it. But I don’t really have any advice I dont diet. I suppose my advice would be to try to eat healthy as a choice and stick to it when you are ready. I just love eating food that I know is good for me, it makes me feel good and is good for my body so creates all the good thoughts hopefully add to not putting on weight unhealthy, a little weight in the winter is good I think. ☺️☺️ Xx

    • Thanks Tanita, yes a little weight is good in winter but I need to lose it quick before my next big vacation.

  • Leighanne

    We all over all indulged at Christmas so don’t feel bad about it. I love walking, I put my headphones in and I can walk for miles without even noticing

    • Really, miles? I am too lazy to walk that much but saying that I have done a lot since October

  • It’s not easy. I have a lot of weight to lose and will be getting help from the hospital as i;ve done all i can. Good luck to you i’m sure you ca do it!

    • Thanks Angela and good luck to you too

  • Let me know when you get the magic answer :). However I think you are allowed to put on a few pounds over the Christmas period. If you’ve been doing loads of walking then it could be that you have increased your muscle tone? I love my fitbit although Im not wearing it at the moment as get depressed I can’t manage my 10k a day while pregnant xx

    • Thanks so much i hope its muscle tone and not extra fat

  • For exercise you may want to consider burst or High Intensity Interval Training to jumpstart your weight loss. Make small habits such as filling your plate 1/2 full with veggies or only eating nuts/seeds for an afternoon snack. If you are interested, come join me at for motivation and inspiration. We talk about daily healthy topics to support and encourage each other.

    • Thanks Karen, I will check it out

  • I wish I was a size 12-14… but I am a fair way off that yet. Good luck with getting to your goal x

  • I am the same height as you and I weigh 71kg at the moment. I didn’t even make any effort of losing weight. It just happened by walking a lot when I was on maternity leave. I haven’t been this light in years. I wouldn’t stress about your weight. 70 would be fine even.

  • I need a kick up the ass!!! Motivation is lacking at the moment! I think you look great! x

  • I think everyone relaxes a bit over Christmas. I’m not a big fan of a really strict January, as it’s a bit of a dismal month without anything fun, but I do intent to start running again once we get into our routine again in the New Year – adding exercise is the only thing which ever works for me, as I’m too greedy otherwise! Also a bit lazy, so not the best combination 🙂

    • Hahaha I agree January is not the greatest month. Good luck for next year

  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    You’re more than allowed to slack at Christmas. I think you look fab and a size 12-14 is a great size to be, I wish I was back there!

    • Thanks Fiona, working to keep it that way or go down a size or two

  • It is ok! You are allowed to be lax at Christmas! I agree walking and exploring new places really helps me stay fit x

    • Thanks Ana, I really need to work on my health this year though.