I am still in a daze as I can not believe its been a year already since the last time I shared a BON VOYAGE post. Those who read this blog will know that 2014 did not start out in the best possible of ways but let me tell you that 2015 made up for it and more. I am sitting here in my apartment reflecting on what has happened in the last 12 months and I can not believe half of the things I have experienced, seen, loved, eaten and touched.

Bon Voyage

I think it is important to always take sometime to reflect back on what has happened either over the year, months or even weeks. I believe in always looking at the positive in life, do not get me wrong I am not saying completely ignore the negative things that happen in our lives. We need to find balance and embrace both the good and bad as honestly that is the only way we can learn how to appreciate the good. Throughout 2016 I will be giving you a glimpse into each ending month and sharing with you the small mercies and happiness I had experienced. I have already shared with you my 12 months of happiness 12 for 12 as a sort of recap of what has made me happy over the last 12 months.

As I did in my last Bon Voyage post, I will share with you some of the posts you’ve loved in the last twelve months and that will include posts that I have loved too.


At the end of 2014 I made a decision to start supporting fellow bloggers with blogging 101 tips that I had learnt over the last 2 years of blogging. I am no expert but I know a few things and I am yet to learn plenty, this post I shared with you my Facebook supporting group (was called lovely bloggers now called Bloggers 2 Brands – Facebook & Twitter) which has now reached over a 1000 followers. As bloggers we know it’s not always easy to have the ‘viral post’ so having blogger support is essential part of blogging and building a community.



I was very surprised to see this one as a favourite, I had decided to start making more of an effort with my health & exercise and decided to document my progress on a monthly basis. Though I have continued doing this I have not honestly done any proper exercising since August (or maybe earlier). I had so much traveling going on that I was so busy (excuses 🙁 ) I could not find time to stop and exercise. Though not making any resolutions I will say this is something I am continuing and hope to improve in 2016.


I was very happy to see that my journey to being debt free posts were also amongst the most viewed and liked posts in 2015, this has given me a boost I didn’t know I needed. It is not always easy for people to talk publicly about their debt issues but I am glad to see that people enjoyed reading these posts and hopefully learned from my mistakes and taken a tip or two for their reference.

travels thus far


 This post made me extremely happy because I only shared it a few days ago on the blog and it has reached more love than any other post in the last 6 months which is saying a lot. Readers of my main blog A July Dreamer will know that I have done quite a bit of travelling this year and last year I started sharing recaps of Travels Thus Far. I thought it would be good this year to share my travels thus far again.
2015 for The Myrabev Life has not been the most productive, I have spent so much of my time improving A July Dreamer but 2016 is a year I want to improve this blog and give it a bit more love. The only major thing this blog has experienced is a more from blogger to WordPress which I did myself and you can read more about it HERE. I also bought a domain with GoDaddy as I wanted this blog to be self-hosted too.
I have started to separate out the social media accounts for the blogs, originally they were created for this blog but became part of A July Dreamer, now I am taking it all back and creating new ones for A July Dreamer.
The social networks for each blog will be as follows:
TML: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
A.J.D: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
Happy Holidays to you and yours.
xoxo ciao.
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