Hi there and welcome to my Health and Exercise Monthly update, though I think I should change the name to …Quarterly or six monthly update because my last update was around August time and my last actual exercise was around June time. Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls which sometimes we can not seem to catch no matter what we try.

Health & Exercise

As mentioned has not really done any exercise so my weight updates are fairly the same though I may have put on a pound or two. One major change for me has the levels of stress at work has increased and also I have forgone my daily smoothie drinks which, because have been so busy I had not even noticed. I am one person who forgets to eat and when I do remember to eat I binge eat which is not healthy in any respect. My body has now adopted the art of when she eats we have to eat lots because we are not sure when she will remember to eat again, with this body mindset it is hard to lose weight until I condition myself again. I am not good with eating and snacking, me snacking can turn from healthy to unhealthy because even healthy foods should be eaten in moderation and not as if it is my last meal.


People say exercising is good for PMS but for the life of me I can not seem to hack it, if it really helped me big time I would be doing it daily but for me all logic goes out the window and I am screaming bloody murder. The only exercise that has worked for me during this time is walking but with the lovely 🙁 British weather that we have this can not be done all the time so for when the weather is horrid and I don’t want to scare my neighbours down stairs for jumping up and down I have been using this Mini TENS machine to help relieve the pain of periods. I had never heard of this product until it was sent to me for review and I will honestly say though I am loving it I did not think it would do anything for me apart from electrocute me. I am a wary person when it comes to using machines on my body that have electrodes of some sort and until I used it I was completely freaked. Assembly the device was super easy, I just had to insert the battery and attach the stud pads. Once this was done, I choose my program (10 to choose from) and intensity (16 to choose from) and I was set. Though wary upon wearing it, I started to feel the vibrations which tickled but then my period pain started to disappear and I couldn’t be more relieved. This month I am using it for the second time and loving it, I have not worn it out in public yet but it is discreet enough and the vibrations are not as loud as the ones of mobile phones. The mini TENs machine is currently on sale for £15.95 which is reasonable compared to how many pain killers I buy on a monthly basis and it has quicker effects than painkillers.

Back to the post, I have not lost but probably gained some more pounds since my last stats review.

Health Stats
72Kg (was 74 kg last month)
170m height
12-14 size.

I still have a while to go before my ideal weight of 60-65kg but I will work on it. Probably need to do some exercise now before christmas as I need space for the turkey and the cake.

How you doing on your weight loss journey?

  • I have always had incredibly painful, sometimes downright debilitating menstrual cramps. The kind that make you sick and not able to move. Needless to say, I have been given a whole lot of unsolicited “advice” about how to make them more manageable, and exercise is always touted as the best way to manage painful cramps. And I always wonder how I am supposed to exercise when I can barely move!

    • Thank you, someone who feels the same way as me. How are we meant to move and exercise when the cramps really did into us? I will say the Tens machine has been helping me lots so I recommend it or similar.

  • You are doing so well!! I wish I could get started on my weight loss journey, I can’t seem to stay motivated for very long – and I am not feeling hopeful for before Christmas!

    • I too struggle with staying motivated so I do what I can when I can and daily I walk around.

  • Congrats, you are doing so well! It’s not easy to loose weight. I keep meaning to get an exercise plan in place & it keeps not happening. x

    • Thanks Becky, just start and see what works for you then do a plan

  • Keep going – sometimes those curve balls also provide renewed inspiration. And at this time of year it’s much needed isn’t it? 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more, thanks Stephanie

  • You Baby Me Mummy

    It is great that it helped your period pain. Good luck with getting into exercise, I struggle with that too x

  • emmaand3

    I really need to get started, I keep putting it off which is not good.

    • Start slow now and work your way up

  • My weight loss is on hold at the moment due to being pregnant although funnily enough I have been loosing weight rather than putting it on! lol. I have used a tens machine during labour so it makes complete sense that it would also help during your periods. Hope it continue to helps.x

    • You have used it for labour, ok this machine (or similar) I am loving big time.

  • I’ve stopped actually weighing myself as I get the mindset of failing and end up feeling hungry all the while. I do get weighed at hospital appointment but I’ve tended not to look

    I go by clothes fitting and as long as I’m not going up I’m happy. This mindset has actually meant I’m loosing. It’s slow but that’s the healthy way to do it

    Good luck

    • Thanks Candace, I have not properly weighed myself in a while now but since my clothes still fit and some are loose I am good lol

  • I hadn’t heard of the mini Tens – I used the normal one for labour and it was amazing at the start. I have been finding it really hard to exercise (stress/no time/general laziness) so after eating really healthily for a few weeks, one relaxed weekend put everything back on. Grrr.

    • Oh damn, don’t you just hate how you exercise for months and lose little then eat unhealthy for a few days and put it all right back?

  • Sounds like you have had one hell of a journey, I hope that you continue to make progress. I completely understand where you are coming from as we have to face obstacles and sometimes we get set backs as we try to achieve our goals but we can never give up so keep going and you can achieve your dreams!

    • Thank you Ana for such encouraging words

  • Usually, when i’m on my period I hardly get any pains. For me Eating lots of fruits and some dark chocolate really helps well for me. But I’m glad you found something for you to ease the pain. And loosing weight.. umm.. drink green tea 3 times a day

    • I wish eating chocolate would ease my pain lol. I will try drinking green tea thanks.

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I was suggested a mini-tens machine for my period pains and admittedly I never got one and use heat pads x

    • Heat pads are good but for me have found this little machine is better