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Hi there and welcome to the book review series, today I am reviewing Willa the wolf gets new shoes by Leela Hope. Those who know me know how much I love to read and for me it does not really matter what I read so long as it makes me happy I read it. I do love reading romance novels more than anything else but I also enjoy reading children’s books. I do not yet have kids but I hope that one day when I do I will still have this huge love for reading children’s books as I do now. There is something about children’s books that brings the kid out of me, even at 28 I love watching kiddie shows like Ben ten or Doc McStuffin its fun for me to watch these programs. They do get a bit annoying when you kid, niece or nephew plays them for the 4495986th time but still they are adorable.



What I love about Leela’s books it that they are really short but get the important message across. I will be honest if I wrote this book probably would have ended a little different but maybe that’s why I am not a writer especially for children’s books because the idea is to teach them good manners and not how to get back at people. Leela starts this book by sharing the joy that wolf is feeling because she has new shoes, Red shows at that. She is so happy she can not wait to show it to her friends at school, when she shows them all of them are happy and love the shoes except one friend called Swan. Swan says she doesn’t like them because they make noise and should be thrown away, Wolf is saddened to hear this and goes to take them off when a teacher who hears the cries comes to her and tells her ” It doesn’t matter what others think about your clothes, so long as you like them that’s all that matters”. Wolf wears her shoes again and head back to the play ground when she finds swan crying because people said they do not like her skirt. Now the adult me would have said serves you right for hating on my shoes but the story teller in Leela writes Wolf comforts Swan and tells her not to care what others think about her clothes so long as she is happy with them that’s all that matters.

This is such an important message for everyone, adults like me included. I loved reading this little book, it took me less that 5 minutes to read it. Your kids, nieces and nephews will love this book and learn an important lesson at the same time.

Ciao x

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