Hi there and welcome to update FIVE of the Health & Exercise series, my last update to you was July 7th which was my 28th birthday and since then have really abandoned this blog and hardly shared anything. September I aim to change that and I figured before August 2015 is completely gone I should share a few updates starting with the this monthly series.



Since end of June I have not really done any exercises of any sort, unless you count walking to and from work as exercise. I have been slacking big time and for me my main excuse is the fact that I have been so busy at work and been pushing my vacation further and further back making me cranky and not want to do anything.

The one thing I have seemed to have been doing a lot of is having smoothies for breakfast and eating enough avocados to last me a lifetime. My smoothies are packed with goodness (mixed fruits) I just love them and can not get enough, and as for the avocados well we know know they are very nutritious, are better than bananas (in potassium content not taste) and it’s claimed those who eat avocados are more healthier than those who don’t. This obviously have been enough for me to incorporate in my meal planning.

I have not lost but probably gained some more pounds since my last stats review but currently have not mentioned so will share my last stats reviews instead.

Health Stats
72Kg (was 74 kg last month)
170m height
12-14 size.
I have a long way to go to reach my target on 60-65kg but I am not a quitter I will continue to work at it.
How are you doing on your health & exercise journey?
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