Health & Exercise Monthly Update ~ THREE

They say better late than never and I am practising that like a professor.

I made a decision over two months ago to share my health and exercise monthly updates with you and this post was meant to go live on the 28th of May but I was too tired up to even consider writing it so I thought I do that today.
Again I would definitely love to start by saying I have been hard at work but that would be fibs again. Since our last update {APRIL UPDATE}I managed to skip over to Seoul, south korea where I think I managed to lose and gain weight in at the same time. I will soon share my ‘how not to go hiking post’ and you will understand how I managed to achieve the lose and gain at the same time.
Whilst I was in Korea I ate all the wonderful foods I had seen in K-dramas that I think I put on a kilo in a space of 6 days but then I spent all those 6 days walking long distances up hill and added in a small 1.5km hike up the mountain. You can read about my South Korea travels HERE

Over the weekend (30/31 May) I started my Shakeology which I am absolutely loving and not exactly following to the letter but I am having my Shakeology every morning instead of my usual overnight oats. I have never used protein shakes in my smoothies before so this is quite interesting for me but since I have the vanilla flavour it’s been really awesome.

The final week of May I spent so much time buying ready meals as I just moved into my new place and did not really have anything in the house but now I am stocked up and started my healthy eating journey.
I bought a blue ray DVD player but I am yet to start on my T-25 which I am excited and sacred at the same time about.
Health Stats
74Kg (was 75 kg last month)
170m height
12-14 size.
I have a long way to go to reach my target on 60-65kg but I am not a quitter I will continue to work at it.
How are you doing on your health & exercise journey?
  • I am the same I lose 2 gain 10 lol so annoying but one must be on top of it and continue to preserve

  • Thank you Shonda, Korean food is awesome and still loving my shaeology

  • Thank you hun, definitely taking a big leap and wanting to stay with it for as long as possible

  • i am really enjoying your updates. I am a fan of Arbonne Protein shakes. Glad you are enjoying your Shakeology the food there in South Korea looks scrumptious! Love your traveling journeys. Keep the updates coming.

  • Good for you in tracking your health journey. It seems like I lose 2 pounds and then gain 5. The food in South Korea looks amazing! I am venturing out into the Eastern Hemisphere and can't wait to try the foods of the land. You kind of can't help it!

  • Love the pictures you posted of the food in Seoul. It looks amazing. I've never tried Shakeology, but I have heard great things about it. Getting healthy is always important, and I praise you for not quitting.

  • Sounds like you are doing awesome. I love shakes for breakfast and clean eating and exercising always makes me feel better! Keep up the good work and can't wait to hear about your progress.

  • I'm trying to get healthier and exercise regularly but there are days when I can't force myself to do so. But just like you, I'm not a quitter so I'm going to challenge myself.

  • I am down 24 pounds right now but I have to start working out, I can't avoid it any longer. I am interested to hear more about the hikes and the gain and loss happening together. Sounds like a great upcoming post is already in the works. Thanks for sharing your journey, It helps to know there are others out there having the same issues and seeing how they deal with it.

  • I love that you are using your blogging platform to keep yourself accountable for living a healthy lifestyle. It is such a great way to stay on track and to keep going, no matter how many distractions there may be. I keep hearing great things about Shakeology…some time soon I will need to try it!


  • I can eat right my problem is I don't move enough. Being a graphic designer I am always sitting in the front of a computer. If I can move I can lose weight. Congrats on your progress keep it up can't wait to see the final results.

  • Congratulations on the weightloss! I've hit a plateau recently but with the increase of lifting and mileage, I think it's just muscle so I'm not TOO concerned. Way to go girl!

  • Those photos are amazing. makes my mouth water. i am too trying to loose weight. I can't do much for exercise because of my disability. So, must concentrate more on the food I eat.

  • So many good eats. I love that 10000 bill in your hands – wondering how much it's worth in Korean/USA dollar conversion. Probably not as large of an amount as I'm going to guess, hehe!

    I'm trying really hard to go to the gym for 30 minutes a day, because I got some results back from the Doctor. Boy, it's hard – especially when I'm going solo, and no one else is at the gym with me. But we gotta keep at it.

  • I'm struggling with health and fitness right now. I have the body type that doesn't burn fat naturally, so I have to use thermogenics and the one that actually works for me was pulled from the market two years ago. Since then, I've been working out almost every day and eating …… okay……, but I've been in a constant state of weight gain. I'm up almost 15lbs from where I was two years ago. It's discouraging. But I'm starting P90X again next week (i gained 8lbs and two pant sizes doing that last time, but I figure I'll give it another shot) and I'm cutting sugar and carbs from my diet. We'll see how that works. Good luck on your goal! You can do it!

  • Lots of lovely looking Korean food in this post! I think you are making great progress with you healthy lifestyle. Actually wanting to make a change is a big leap.

  • I keep hearing amazing things about shakeology! Maybe one of these days I will actually give it a try!