Health & Exercise Monthly Update ~ THREE

They say better late than never and I am practising that like a professor.

I made a decision over two months ago to share my health and exercise monthly updates with you and this post was meant to go live on the 28th of May but I was too tired up to even consider writing it so I thought I do that today.
Again I would definitely love to start by saying I have been hard at work but that would be fibs again. Since our last update {APRIL UPDATE}I managed to skip over to Seoul, south korea where I think I managed to lose and gain weight in at the same time. I will soon share my ‘how not to go hiking post’ and you will understand how I managed to achieve the lose and gain at the same time.
Whilst I was in Korea I ate all the wonderful foods I had seen in K-dramas that I think I put on a kilo in a space of 6 days but then I spent all those 6 days walking long distances up hill and added in a small 1.5km hike up the mountain. You can read about my South Korea travelsĀ HERE

Over the weekend (30/31 May) I started my Shakeology which I am absolutely loving and not exactly following to the letter but I am having my Shakeology every morning instead of my usual overnight oats. I have never used protein shakes in my smoothies before so this is quite interesting for me but since I have the vanilla flavour it’s been really awesome.

The final week of May I spent so much time buying ready meals as I just moved into my new place and did not really have anything in the house but now I am stocked up and started my healthy eating journey.
I bought a blue ray DVD player but I am yet to start on my T-25 which I am excited and sacred at the same time about.
Health Stats
74Kg (was 75 kg last month)
170m height
12-14 size.
I have a long way to go to reach my target on 60-65kg but I am not a quitter I will continue to work at it.
How are you doing on your health & exercise journey?
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