Top 5 Friday

Happy Friday everyone, don’t you just love overnight oats? I made this last night for my breakfast this morning and it was super yummy. Sorry again, this blog is suffering a lot these day but I am happy to blog when I can since life has become so hectic. I guess this is what they meant when they told me everyone has responsibilities ecetera ecetera.
For this week’s Top 5 Friday I will be sharing what has happened and what will be happening, so without further adieu.
Hen Do – Tomorrow we are heading to Village St David’s Resort near Chester for the weekend where we have booked the spa for the day. I can not wait to be there, I have never been to a spa before nor have I ever been to a Hen Do either this will be my first for both occasions.
House Move – Next week Wednesday I will be moving into my new apartment, I am so excited but I have no furniture nor food so Wednesday night will be an interesting one.
Wedding and Bank Holiday – The company I work for have given us next week Friday off so we get a long weekend since the following Monday is a bank holiday. To make matters even better the long bank holiday weekend is my Brother’s Wedding so everything awesome is happening then.
Trip to Korea – I returned from my trip to Korea last week and I loved you so much. You can read my Day 0 and Day 1 from my main blog A July Dreamer. I am planning to go back this July as I need to explore more of this wonderful country. It was never my number one choice for Touring but now that I have been I can not wait to go back.
Blogger support Facebook Group – The blogger support group I run Lovely Bloggers is inviting all bloggers to come join us. We run weekly follow links and daily comment threads. All bloggers are welcome, the more the merrier.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  • Thanks lovely.

  • Thanks hun, house move was as stressful as you would expect but I had help

  • I did it was so much fun

  • Thanks Nicola, recipe is simple just mix your oats with yoghurt, milk and any fruits you want and leave in fridge overnight and you done

  • Your overnight oats look great. Hope you had a good weekend. Good luck with your house move on Wednesday

  • Sounds like you are having such a great if not busy time. Enjoy your brothers wedding and the long weekend. 🙂

  • That looks delish, will look out for you posting the recipie!

  • I hope you have a great time on the hen do. They are so much fun!

  • Thank you Sarah, I hope you definitely join the group. I loved the spa and now can not wait to go back

  • Thanks

  • I have never been to a spa either 😀 Let me know what it is like 🙂 Ps. I am so joining your group. its a lovely idea to build up a lovely community amongst fellow bloggers <3

  • wow this looks so delicious!!!!



  • I will be posting the recipe soon but its pretty simple just your favourite oats mixed with whatever fruits you want then add natural yogurt and milk mix all and put in fridge over night and that's it.

  • Very busy but very exciting as well indeed.

  • Your overnight oats look great, is the recipe on here somewhere? Sounds like a fun time, enjoy the hen do.

  • Sounds like quite a busy time you're having at the moment, but also quite exciting. Happy house moving:-)

    • Thanks, it was busy time but exciting too