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My brother’s Wedding is this weekend, I am very excited as this is our first wedding in the family so it is a very big deal. My brother’s wedding has me thinking about my own wedding some time in the future and what kind of Jewellry I want to wear.
Speaking to my soon to be sister in law, she mentioned my brother will have a plain off-gold colour ring (same as my dad) and she will have have one which will match her engagement ring and has stones in it.

I have always known what kind of engagement and wedding bands that I want for when it is my time, I remember one time saying I wanted one made from Plutonium when I actually meant platinum (LOL). The idea of such a beautiful wedding band has always been my dream ring until I was contacted by Anjolee a Diamond jewellery company based out of the states.



When checking out their Website I was actually taken aback, seeing diamond rings, pendants, bracelets flashing about the page made my heart skip a beat after all Diamonds are a girls best friend. I definitely want to at least purchase a bracelet from them and I will add it to my next spending budget.
The website is designed really beautifully, professionally and very nice. I do love the look, style and feel of the website and I personally think it is easy to navigate and has great colours. Anjolee offers, Wedding & Anniversary bands (including engagement rings), necklaces & pendants, bracelets as well as earrings. Looking at the engagement rings I fell in love with 90% of them but more especially the Princess bride ring (above picture). With Bracelets it took me forever to decide which ones I liked best and I settled happily on vintage bracelets and one that caught my eye was the Vintage Style Leaf Diamond Bracelet.
Buying from Anjolee you get 30-day return policy, a wooden jewellry holder box, free shipping and  certificate of authenticity. The people at Anjolee make it easier to ask them questions, they have live chat, an e-mail and a contact number.
If you’re unsure about anything you can always ask them or check out their FAQ page. They provide secure shipping for all their products and making payments online the company has taken extra measures to ensure your details are protected at all times.
I think this is a great company which is offering so much and the prices within their league I think are fair.

With such a great service and products no one should deny themselves some diamonds.

If Engaged or married what’s your favourite type of ring? If not either what is your dream ring?

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**/***All images where taken from website with permission.
  • You welcome, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

  • Awww your ring sounds so beautiful from your description. The Wedding was absolutely awesome thank you.

  • Congrats on the big wedding- I hope it was amazing. My engagement ring has a cushion cut center stone (which I LOVE!) smaller round brilliant cuts on each side and a small bead setting going down either side. It's totally not what I ever expected (I have very simple taste) but I love it so much and couldn't imagine anything else, especially because the two side stones are from my husband's grandmother which makes it so special. I hope my daughter can someday wear it!

  • Just beautiful! Makes me want to go out and buy some new (expensive) jewelry!!!

  • I could just browse that site forever! I love that leaf bracelet too…who am I kidding? I love it all… Thanks for this info!

  • This site sounds totally amazing indeed and I so love the leave bracelet. My dream ring would be a ring with a pink opal in the center and a blue opal one on each side of the pink one. Than pink and blue diamonds all around the band. Thanks or sharing.

  • Those are beautiful. My best friend is hoping her boyfriend will ask her to marry him soon and is always dreaming of rings like that

  • These jewelries looks really elegant. It's nice that it also has a 30 day return policy.

  • I love that ring!! I have been wanting a new ring hopefully her soon I will get one.

  • Oh dang, I need a new ring upgrade! My husband better watch out! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love me some diamonds! All of these featured pieces are gorgeous!!! I went simple the day of our wedding, but those are some real sparklers!

  • I love that gorgeous bracelet! Its so vintage looking!

  • They have truly beautiful jewelry! And I love their 30-day money back guarantee, I'll definitely consider Anjolee for my next purchase! Thank you for the share 🙂

  • Wow how pretty are these. It really does seem like they but a lot of love into crafting them.

  • The bracelet is so pretty! Would love something like this but will have to wait till I have a bigger budget. Or a man with a bigger budget!

  • Wow the jewelry you featured is stunning! Love the bracelet!

  • That bracelet is beautiful! They've got such high quality and unique things there! Definitely out of my budget lol, but they still are gorgeous to look at!

  • All of those are SO beautiful. What they say about diamonds being a girls best friend is totally true.

  • Wow these are SO gorgeous, I would love to get my hands on one of these one day!

  • These are gorgeous! I would love one.


  • They look so so beautiful! I hope you enjoy your time at your brothers wedding!! x
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  • WOW! This pieces are awesome… would love to buy one! LOL! Poor husband, literally. Will definitely check this brand out.

    • hehehe poor husband indeed, they are so pretty