Hi there and welcome to my almost ghost town of a blog, I can not believe how much I have missed posting on this blog; but running two blogs (A July Dreamer) and this blog has certainly started to take it’s toll on me. I am so tired every day and when I have enough energy to blog I am doing more for A July Dreamer than on here. I can not wait to take a few days to another country to explore and mostly to relax and take a sit back on life. Today’s Top 5 Friday is just things that have happened in the last few months as well as this ending week, so without further adieu.
1. I finally got my passport on Tuesday, my father text me to say my passport had arrived and I couldn’t be more happy. In January I made a decision that would later change my life, I did not know if I would be successful with it or not and this week I know it was the right decision.
2. Since my passport is here now I managed to book my ticket to Seoul, Korea and I flight now in 10 days. I am so excited so very happy, life has been getting in the way of me enjoying things and this holiday is to change that. I will try to document as much as I can but mostly follow my instagram to see on the day updates.
3. Another one of the decisions I made in January was to find my own place to live either to rent or buy but the current financial woe didn’t permit me to buy so I am renting instead but nonetheless this will be my very own place and first apartment. I am beyond excited and I can’t stop pinching myself thinking I am dreaming.
4. I managed to get the dates I want to visit Zambia reserved, I am happy about this because I get to see my extended family again this year. I have decided (God willing) to make my visits to my motherland yearly so fingers crossed I find a reasonably priced ticket.
5. In 5 short weeks my brother is getting married, I am so happy and so excited about this. Normally my culture dictates that as the eldest I do everything first including getting married but I am far from it and I am happy my brother (head of our family) is getting married first. This is the first wedding in my family so we are over the moon. Now I just have to find a dress that says she is the sister of the groom..hahaha.. just kidding a beautiful dress is all I need.
So that’s my Top 5 Friday.
How has your week or even last 3 months been?
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  • Getting my passport renewed is always a hassle for me that I thank the stars it occurs only once every decade! Wow! Zambia! How fantastic! And advance congratulations to your brother 🙂

  • I need to get a passport, my mom has been asking for one for many months now that we are done in Florida, close to Cuba.

  • These are great exciting things in your life to celebrate. You must be so happy for your brother and so excited to share this amazing step in his life.. Thanks for sharing.

  • Unfortunately, I do not have a passport! I know it is something that I need to get, even with no plans of traveling out, but I just haven't done it yet.

  • Congrats on getting your passport. Now… let the fun begin! 🙂

  • What a great top 5! What a great #1 🙂 Yay for your passport! I definitely think it is very important and quite handy! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Congratulations for the things you have accomplished and to your brother as well. Have a safe trip and please do me a favor, eat some bibimbap for me, will you? God bless.

  • I dont have a passport I really need to get one! I can imagine the excitement! I bet you will have a great time in Seoul.

  • How exciting! I need to get my passport! I have been meaning to for so long. You will have such fun in Seoul!

  • I've never been to these places you're headed. Can I please go with you?

  • Oooh! Now you will be able to tell us about all the exciting places you will visit, now that you have your passport! I also hope all goes well with your brother's wedding 😊

  • Sounds like a lot of great things are coming your way. A trip to Korea and a wedding coming up for your brother. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun and congrats on your new apartment.

  • Thanks Esther, though I am going to see my friend I am also going to eat all the food I can in 7 days lol and then see the landscape too

  • Thanks Heather, it definitely is freedom and I can not wait for the wedding.

  • I think maybe now whilst the baby is young you can change your passport and apply for the baby's passport then when ready you can travel. I would love to visit both those places too.

  • Thank you so much, I feel very blessed and honoured

  • Hahaha yes Korea, south to be exact. I just looking forward to eating all the foods that i can

  • It is definitely fun I can not contain my excitement.

  • yay so glad you got your passport!! 🙂 i'm so jealous that you're going to seoul. there's so much food i miss from korea. congrats to your brother too! 🙂

  • I too remember when I got my first passport. Its a special feeling to be able to cross country lines or visit a place you've been longing to visit. Congrats to your brother and congrats to your newly found freedom to travel.

  • Ahh! I would love to be able to travel like you! With having a baby, any travel plans are on hold for the time being! I have (had) a passport but it's in my maiden name, so it's pretty much no good! We used it for our honeymoon cruise! I would love to go to Australia! 🙂 Or Ireland!

  • Wow! Do you have 5 exciting bits of news! Nice to read such an upbeat post. Stay positive and have fun in your travels!

  • OMG Korea – that is so exciting. I think I am little bit jealous of you.. (not just a little bit, a lot!!) 🙂

  • How exciting and it is always fun looking forward to a wedding and will look forward to hearing all about it!

  • This type of passport certainly will. Thanks Rachel

  • Tell me about it I am so blessed and very excited

  • Wow, you sure have a lot of exciting stuff going on! That passport will take you a lot of places!

  • Talk about amazing travel opportunities! So many fun things on the horizon for you!

  • Thanks Heather.

  • Thanks Natalie, I am so excited and can not wait to explore.

  • Congrats on the new place, the passport, and your upcoming travels! It sounds like you've got a lot going on! 🙂

  • How exciting!!! I remember when I first got my passport! Congratulations!