Personal Confession ~ To know or not to know

Lately I have been pondering to myself about life and how things as you grow and develop start to either make sense or get more complicated. I have been questioning whether it is better to know something is wrong or not.

……..Let me give you an example……

Is it better to know you have a disease that will eventually kill you or is it better not to know so you can go on and enjoy your life? Because I am one of those people who once I know it brings me down a 100 fold and getting back to my joyous self becomes tough and tortuous.

  I have always said that for me ignorance is bliss but lately I have found myself questioning if that is still true. One might argue that once you know then you can do something about it, take precaution or start treatment but there is another side to knowing it depresses people and for most the depression is stronger than the need to take precautions or start treatment.
One might say it is best not to know as not to tip the equilibrium and continue on living as if you will live forever. Though one might think this is ill advised sometimes I feel like this is an approach I want to undertake for my sanity’s sake. 

A couple days ago I stumbled across something I am wishing I didn’t know and would give my right arm to forget but that won’t be happening I know it already and now I am wondering if I should get involved or stay out of it and pretend I know nothing. The internal conflict is so strong that I have resorted to documenting it here as most times when I share things on here I get clarity that I don’t usually see when alone in my thoughts. 
What would be your approach, to ignore or to disturb? 
  • I would have to know too! I like to be prepared so that I can make a plan. I like to be spontaneous when it comes to travel and such, but I do like to know so I'm not surprised in a sense. Lovely graphics.

  • I have been in this kind of situation before, and there's always a way to deal with anything that we are handed in our laps…or presented to us in other ways. I usually confide in someone completely unrelated to the situation to step outside of the situation. I guess that is what you're doing through this post.

  • I recently faced this same dilemma. I think in the end, I would want to know that I had a serious disease so that I could plan for my families future before it was too late. It would be hard for life to continue as "normal" but there is always a new normal.

  • Ohhh…that's a tough one. Time with your thoughts via prayer or meditation is much needed. Afterwards, you are then well equipped to decide which way to turn.

  • This is definitely a very interesting perspective. I say that I would want to know. I like being prepared, yes even for the worst or what is worst to come. This post has really opened my eyes and changed my perspective on a few different items on my mind lately. I always like planning and trying to work it out at all times, and if possible.

  • Oh I'm such a curious person and hate being surprised in a bad way so I'd HAVE to know. Having said that though ignorance really is bliss and I'd probably be better off not knowing as I'm such a sensitive person. I hope you're okay dear and you didn't find out anything too disturbing? 🙁

  • I would definitely want to know. I would then be able to make the most of the time I had left.

  • Not sure if my comment went through…let me know if it didn't!


  • i guess it gets you one step ahead to know about it, may that be a life-threatening disease or issues relating to relationships. i also thought you were made to know about it for a reason. if it baffles you it is always good to pray about it or maybe discuss it with a confidante without divulging too many details. i pray that you may be enlighten to know exactly what to do with this new information you found out about…

  • I agree with the above comments on praying about it before making a decision. Secondly, I always try to keep in mind that everyone hates the bearer of bad news so even if your intent is in the right place, you might lose a friend if perhaps it was a case of seeing her significant other out with another woman or man or whatever the case may be. As mentioned above, if it is in the case of health, I'd want to know so I could work towards doing something about it STAT. I'll pray you get some peace about your decision whatever it may be.

  • I think I am in the boat that I would like to know if I can do something about it. But I too stew on things that I can't change sometimes and it makes me nuts. I know it is going to make me happy in the long run to try to relax and let stuff go, but it is a lot easier to say then to do! Blogging and talking always help me though:)

  • If it's something I can't change then I'd prefer not to know. There's no point in knowing if I'm powerless to take any action over the situation. There have on occasion been things I wish I hadn't have known, and I wasted too much time and energy trying to recapture my state of not knowing.

    If you can't change the situation for the better, I'd stay out of it, but if you have a chance to bring good to it, then it's probably worth getting involved. Sometimes just taking action no matter how small brings peace in a bad situation. Good luck!

  • I think it always depends on the situation, if it is regarding your health it is best to know and be able to follow doctors orders right away. If it dealing with a friendship that could be over maybe you can discuss the situation and maybe there was so miscommunication or understanding regarding what you had found out. If this is bothering you so much you need to get involved, All things happen for a reason.

    • Thank you, indeed all things happen for a reason

  • I agree, praying should be my first step and then depending on situation I will choose the best course of action which currently is ignorance lol.

  • For me the first step would be praying. Then I guess I would look at the situation and decide in my getting involved would actually help the problem or make it worse. Also is someone involved asking me for help. I have been in many of these situations and each one is different so their is unfortunately not a clear cut answer. I will pray for you and for your peace in what ever way you decide to go.