Health & Exercise Monthly Update ~ TWO

I would like to start this post and say that for the last FOUR weeks I have been hard at work on my health and exercise goals but that will be telling fibs. Ever since my last 2x 5k runs I did last month I have not attempted to do another because the pain my poor old legs felt it was like no other. I was sore for a week at least before I started to feel like me again, I am sure those of you who do exercise are saying I should have continued and persevered through and continue as it would get better but after my first then my second heart attack (self-diagnosis) I do not think I will be taking 5k’s easily any more. My biggest mistake was pushing myself too soon without doing the basics, I have not run for over 3 years now and then I got and do 5k without stopping let me just say big mistake huge. I should have paced myself and taken time to realise that my fitness levels from 3 years ago are not the same today especially since I do not really do any exercises.

So let us just say lesson learned and running on hold (if not permanently).
In the first healthy & exercise monthly update I shared with you my plans for getting back to my normal size of 65kilos. Though I have not done much of any of the ideas I shared I have been implementing more of meal planning and healthy eating. It is not easy to do healthy eating 24/7 with my 9-5 with managing two blogs, I am not saying impossible just saying not easy for me.
For the last two weeks I have been preparing overnight oats for my breakfast and honestly its the best decision ever, I have saved up so much time with overnight oats and since they are so easy to make it’s awesome.
I have not yet started the shakeology nor the T-25 but my DVDs and shake have arrived and can not wait to begin. I am on holiday for a week and then busy with my brother’s wedding plus moving so I am hoping to start the two programs at the end of May instead.
I have not really been drinking enough water or keeping myself hydrated enough unless tea counts as hydration then I am good. I am not really a water drinker unless flavoured water so I struggle a lot, my infuser bottle I shared in my first monthly post has been helpful but only when I have fruits left over from my overnight oats to use for water do I have it done.
As I have mentioned above, meal planning is going great. I cook once a week for the entire week and I switch up the sides to the dish I have prepared to give me variety and I love it.
If I do not cook in advance I have simple and easy to make meals but definitely staying away from the ready meals and takeaway.
Health Stats
75Kg (was 78 kg last month)
170m height
12-14 size.
I can see the change in myself with my healthy eating and I know once I start adding exercise I will be able to reach my goal before my next major holiday.
How are you doing with your health & exercise this month?
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