Top FIVE (5) Friday

Hi there! It’s been a while and this place is slowing turning into a ghost town, life is pretty hectic these days that when weekends come I just want (and usually do) lazy all day and do nothing apart from the occasional date nights at Sizz All with Boo. The last Top 5 Friday was month exactly today, I mentioned that I had had some awesome things happen that I wanted to keep to myself for a while and then share on here later on, well the wait is over as ‘Later on’ is today. So without further adieu…

  1. Lovely Letters February Swap  – Last month I participated in the lovely letters snail mail and I was partnered with Uche a blogger in the states. I recently got the parcel she sent me and I could not believe my eyes. I absolutely fell in love with The Little Book of Love she sent me along with the chopsticks which have an awesome design as well as a beautiful purse and card.
  2. Citizenship – Last month I attended my citizenship ceremony accompanied by my parents. As part of my goals for this year I decided to give up my Zed citizenship and become British since Zed does not do dual nationality. It was emotional time but an awesome one too.
  3. New Home – I have talked about my desire to have my own apartment, I am now tired of house share and just want my own place. The prices are not making it easy but I am taking the plunge fingers crossed I get the one I want.
  4. 30 Before 30 Bucketlist – Last week on A July Dreamer I shared with you my part 1 (Travel Edit) of my 30 before 30 bucket list, I shared 15 places I want to visit before I turn 30. Today on the main blog I am sharing 15 things I want to do before I hit 30, I have called it the Life Edit.
  5. The Lovely Bloggers Facebook group – almost a year ago I decided to start a facebook group with a fellow blogger to try bring together blogger who lived in a certain area. I did not do much after that until recently after doing my Blogger DIY posts I got good feedback and decided to change the parameters of the group and renamed it to The Lovely bloggers. We now have almost a 100 members which is awesome for me and the interaction in the group is awesome. Come join us and be part of our blogger support group. The group has daily comment and fb like thread and weekly follow 4 follow threads plus on Thursday we run a clarity day where we offer fellow bloggers who want it advice on their blog.
Wishing you all an awesome Friday and weekend.
  • Finding a new home is quite fun but stressful. There are lots of things to consider like the location, budget, design, and built. Hope you get the one that will be best for you. 🙂 I just got one for my own investment.

  • Fun post! I really want to own a home as well, but I really think it's an unobtainable goal for me for a very long time. Also blogger groups are great when you find the right people to hang with. I'm glad it worked out for you!

  • I love this fun post!! I also want to own my own place…but it is HARD to save up the money for it!!! It's definitely my dream though! You have great goals and you will accomplish them!

  • Those are some huge changes coming up in your life! The changes sound like they will be amazing for you as you move forward in your life! My husband is in the process of becoming a US Citizen (he is from Peru) and making the emotional decision to do it is hard to do. I wish you luck in all your changes 

  • Networking is a great way to promote your blog and build a following for your content which is a very important aspect to online marketing! Thanks for the heads up about your Facebook group, I've just applied to join 🙂

  • Congrats on your citizenship ceremony! I can definitely see how that would bring on a lot of emotions.

  • Wow, Congratulations on all these amazing things! It seems like you have your life together and are accomplishing a lot of the things you want! 2015 seems to be be your year so far and I hope it stays that way for you! Keep it up! I can't wait to see what else you accomplish!

  • Congrats on so many wonderful accomplishments. I think it is great that you started a FB group. It is so wonderful to create a welcoming learning platform to help people network.


  • Congrats on your citizenship! It sounds like you are on track and have a plan to make sure that 2015 is absolutely epic for you.

    I haven't participated in a mail swap in years. Your photo is inspiring me to find a swap group to join again.

  • It sounds like you have your act together. I can't think of 5 useful things that I've done in a long time. It would be so much fun to swap snail mail with others, I'd really enjoy that. Good luck on your house hunting. I moved last year after a year of searching for the place that was perfect for me and I ended up moving to a new town which has been a fun experience.

    • Thank you, I had fun moving house