Sunday Catch-up

Jamie’s Italian restaurant oxford – Bacon & Liver
Pineapple & Frozen yoghurt dessert

Over the weekend I manage to meet up with my blogger Friend Jemma, I always love our meet ups and now that she has her lovely son Aiden its even better. He’s so cute and such a lovely baby boy, his smile is so infectious I can’t help but smile when I see them.

I telling Jemma how I seem to have lost my mojo when it comes to blogging. Previously I used to schedule posts 2-4 weeks in advance all written up and ready. I used to spend one weekend a month just planning our each day and scheduling for the days when I knew I wanted a specific post up and at times have two posts in one day, but now, you will be lucky to get two posts a week out of me. I am thinking of taking a couple of days off to recharge and maybe look for inspiration then. Do not get me wrong I do have ideas of what I want to write, the trouble comes when I actually have to start the post.

 In the past I used to write a post before I even had pictures now I seem to see a picture and have an idea of a post for it and if I am determined I do write the post there and then but lately I can have the picture and still not able to write a word. I need to find my way back to my love of blogging, I need to go back to my basics and realise again why I love blogging so much. So in the mean time I will share my currently post whilst I try to work on the future of my blogs.

Reading.. I have not read anything in over 3 months, I have read one book this year and those I am unhappy about this I do not seem to have the urge to find and read a new book.
Watching… I literally had to change the channel on the TV as I have no idea what was going on but funny thing happened – this morning I had the urge to watch Tangled then found its not on Netflix yet so they suggested my all time favourite which is Mulan. I watched Mulan this morning and this afternoon on channel 5 they showed Mulan the exact one I saw this morning so I just watched and started watching it again.
Listening... When I finished work on Friday I started listening to ‘Lay you down’ by Usher and the song is still stuck in my mind this instant. I have loved this long for the longest time, my former housemate can testify to it. I played it daily on repeat that she ended up hating it lol.
Wishing.. For so many things which I will not share yet but I will do one day.
Hoping… I hope Boo travels safely tomorrow, I am starting to hate the business trips but then again I love it when I get to go on mine.
Trusting… That all is handled as it should.
Planning… My next holiday abroad.

Until next time, have a lovely Sunday.

  • I have never tried liver before, and don't see myself ever doing it. I heard that it is healthy for you, but I have this thing with textures and visual appearance of food, and I just can't get past it. As for the book-reading, I am in the same boat as you…I have all of these titles, and only read a few pages or chapters of each. I never have enough time to read.

  • The frozen yogurt looks amazing. I also need to do more reading myself. I have not read in about a month now and I have two books sitting around that I have been meaning to try.

  • Oh that pineapple dessert looks wonderful! I love fresh pineapple. It is nice that you had a chance to catch up with your friend. Spending time with friends is so important. Be careful to avoid burnout! With your old posting schedule I can see that you might need to slow down every now and again.

  • I am in love with Usher…I'm ok to admit that haha! I really want to visit Europe someday, hopefully soon!! That food looks amazing as well, I REALLY want to try that haha!

  • Usher is a great singer, his music is SO catchy. Where are you planning to holiday next? I would love to visit Europe. Can we trade places? 🙂 That bacon and liver dish is unlike anything I've ever seen!

  • Myrabev I had the blogging burnout too…sometime in 2013. So what I did was take a 2 month sabbatical. Incidentally during that time I was traveling and I got to go to a Yoga Wellness retreat. It turns out this is exactly what I need to get the 'mojo' back. Sometimes we just have to take ourselves away from what our passion is to light that fire again. 🙂

  • I totally understand where you are coming from with the blogging thing. It's so hard to keep up with blogging among every day life. I am working on my master's, have two young children at home, teach full time, and am a photographer on the side – as well as a blogger. I wish there were more hours in the day!

  • I rarely watch TV and I have been trying to finish the book I started reading since new year lol. A holiday abroad would be a treat! Those food looks delicious, now I am hungry!

  • I'm not a big fan of liver, but that pineapple yogurt dessert looks amazing. I've never actually met any of my blogger friends in real life. It's great to have someone to talk to in person about blogging things that only a fellow blogger would understand. Sometimes we do need to unplug and unwind and I'm sure you'll have your blogging mojo back in no time flat.