Sunday Catch-up

Jamie’s Italian restaurant oxford – Bacon & Liver
Pineapple & Frozen yoghurt dessert

Over the weekend I manage to meet up with my blogger Friend Jemma, I always love our meet ups and now that she has her lovely son Aiden its even better. He’s so cute and such a lovely baby boy, his smile is so infectious I can’t help but smile when I see them.

I telling Jemma how I seem to have lost my mojo when it comes to blogging. Previously I used to schedule posts 2-4 weeks in advance all written up and ready. I used to spend one weekend a month just planning our each day and scheduling for the days when I knew I wanted a specific post up and at times have two posts in one day, but now, you will be lucky to get two posts a week out of me. I am thinking of taking a couple of days off to recharge and maybe look for inspiration then. Do not get me wrong I do have ideas of what I want to write, the trouble comes when I actually have to start the post.

 In the past I used to write a post before I even had pictures now I seem to see a picture and have an idea of a post for it and if I am determined I do write the post there and then but lately I can have the picture and still not able to write a word. I need to find my way back to my love of blogging, I need to go back to my basics and realise again why I love blogging so much. So in the mean time I will share my currently post whilst I try to work on the future of my blogs.

Reading.. I have not read anything in over 3 months, I have read one book this year and those I am unhappy about this I do not seem to have the urge to find and read a new book.
Watching… I literally had to change the channel on the TV as I have no idea what was going on but funny thing happened – this morning I had the urge to watch Tangled then found its not on Netflix yet so they suggested my all time favourite which is Mulan. I watched Mulan this morning and this afternoon on channel 5 they showed Mulan the exact one I saw this morning so I just watched and started watching it again.
Listening... When I finished work on Friday I started listening to ‘Lay you down’ by Usher and the song is still stuck in my mind this instant. I have loved this long for the longest time, my former housemate can testify to it. I played it daily on repeat that she ended up hating it lol.
Wishing.. For so many things which I will not share yet but I will do one day.
Hoping… I hope Boo travels safely tomorrow, I am starting to hate the business trips but then again I love it when I get to go on mine.
Trusting… That all is handled as it should.
Planning… My next holiday abroad.

Until next time, have a lovely Sunday.

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