Health & Exercise Monthly update ~ ONE

A few weeks ago I was minding my own business when I went to the bathroom to shower and noticed the landlord had bought a new weight scale. As you do when a scale is watching you, you step on it and see how much pain you can inflict though in the end you feel the pinch and not the weight. So I stepped up onto the scale because it challenged me to and the numbers that appeared kind of shocked me big time. My weight has always fluctuated between 65kilo and 70kilo but this particular saturday evening the scale said EIGHTY (too scared to write the number) kilo. I was really shocked, ok maybe I have kind of maybe just been (90% of the time) more lazy than usual and not burning off anything I am eating but come on it’s only been like a year since I last stepped on a scale and I swear I was 70 Kilos then. So I decided to take off all the clothes and check the weight again and yup confirmation received in big letters 78 kilos which is essentially EIGHTY with clothes on but who’s counting it’s still EIGHTY. This to say the least has woken me up to my atrocious weight gain and I need to change big time. I have identified my problem..laziness..followed by it’s first cousin..junk foods. I know my need to lose weight is not going to happen overnight but I can certainly start paving the way for when the weight will start to drop off. I also know that the weight will not drop off all by itself, so I did a bit of research and decided I need the T-25 exercise program with the shakeology to go alongside it. I have also decided to start running again at lunch time during my work week as I did back in the day. I intend to do it slowly, I am not looking for quick results but lasting ones. So let us look closely into the programs I am going to be trying out in April;


I have been reading a bit about this program and also watched a handful of YouTube videos that people who on the program have been sharing. 25 intense minutes doing different types of exercise and burn calories, gain muscle tone and lose weight. I have ordered the complete DVDs and can not wait for them to arrive so I can start the program.


I came across this concept from one of the YouTubers I watch, she kept talking about the shakeology program which came with tips on what means to have on each day and what shakes to have on what day, basically a 30 calendar with meals and shakes to have on each day. Since I do not eat dinner unless I am out with friends I have decided when the shakeology arrives that’s what I will use as meal replacement instead of breakfast or lunch. I need brain power to function at work and do not want to interfere with my breakfast.


I am not the greatest runner around but I remember the feeling I got during and after running, once I started it I did enjoy it but I usually needed people to go with me but I have realised this is something I need to start doing alone slowly and maybe one day join a groups I see running.

Meal Planning

Most readers of this blog know I do meal planning every week, I started last year october when I made a decision to stop buying ready meals and ordering takeaway but cook my meals. Granted this year I have ordered dominos twice and thai food once but still I would rather cook than order pizza. Every week I cook a big pot of whatever meat I want and then only change up the sides. Sometimes I will have with salad or rice or pasta or even by itself especially if the meat has potatoes and carrot in it.


Those who know me know I really don’t like drinking water, I will drink any flavoured water you give me but I scrunch my nose when it’s normal water. I do not know why but ever since we moved to the UK over 10 years ago now I absolutely disliked drinking water and since then I would avoid drinking water at all cost unless it was flavoured, in a juice or other beverage. When I was shopping for running water bottles I came across infuser water bottles and I knew my prayers had been answered. I quickly purchased an infuser bottle on amazon and requested for next day delivery. I has some strawberries and raspberries with me so I decided to bottle my new bottle to the test, let me say after 10-15 minutes of waiting for the water and fruits to infuse it did taste like the fruits though not sweet which is fine. I can now say I actually drink water. The bottle is 800ml so it’s quite big and I love it.

Gym wear

Last month when I was visiting Boo we went shopping and he picked me up some nice work-out gear which I am eager to try out next week. The only thing that was missing were trainers and I had wanted trainers that were soft and comfortable and will support me when running of the roads. I picked up some AIR trainers from amazon with next day delivery. When they arrived I quickly put them on and put them to work -just walking not running yet. They are very comfortable and they breath too, I love the colour and how they make my feet feel which is awesome. I can not wait to have a run next week and see how well they work.

I have set myself high expectations but I know it will not be easy to achieve the results I want. So working hard, eating right and staying motivated is the rule.


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