{Book Review} Every Woman needs a wife

The first time I came across this book was a quick glimpse on the blogsphere, it’s been almost a year now and it was only last week that I decided to purchase the book on Kindle and read it as I was very intrigued. The book is so thought provoking and makes you question if the there is some truth to it, the author has declared it all to be a work of fiction but once you’ve read the book you start to question if there is some truth to it.

Brandi is a mother of two, a wife and a co-business owner who has been married to her husband for over 11 years. Vernon is Brandi’s husband, a man who has been living under his father’s shadow and trying to get his father’s approval and acknowledgement in the way he chose to live his life. Tanya is Vernon’s mistress of 2 years, she believes vernon is a widow with two kids and runs company alone not knowing it’s a lie.
They say when a woman (even a man) start to suspect another party in the relationship is involved 9/10 its always the case, sometimes we try to ignore what’s in front of us because it’s best not to know, we happy and comfortable where we are and do not want anything to change.
The book starts out with Brandi in the car outside the mistress’ house with the unsuspecting husband inside the house with the mistress. Brandi ponders over how she should handle the situation and the best way to do it or if she is crazy even considering what she has planned. Before she has chance to change her mind she matches up the door and knocks, the mistress opens and Brandi does not give her chance to open the door instead just enters and surprises her cheating husband who is so shocked about how ballz the woman in front of him is. Over the years he started to think of her as weak but not when it came to their business. The author really had me hooked from the moment Brandi enters the mistress’ house, leaves and rushes home to throw an anniversary/separation/you’ve been caught party.

What will shock you when you read this book is the proposal that Brandi makes, once you read it you will laugh but it does give you pause for thought..well at least it did for me…
Brandi requests to have custody of the mistress, she says since her husband decided to add someone to their family and breaking their vows its only fair she gets to have the mistress for the same length of time that Vernon the husband has had her for. She argues the mistress can not just be serving one side when Brandi does it all, she wants the mistress to be cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids and just running the house in general (excluding the part about sleeping with the husband)… when you read on you will understand why Tanya the mistress accepts Brandi’s offer, you will understand why when this went to court the judge agreed for Brandi to have custody of the mistress for the same length of time the husband did.
This is a must read book and once which definitely is up for discussion. If you’ve read it already let me know your thoughts.
  • This does sound like an intriguing book. Now I wanna know why she accepts the offer LOL

  • I love finding new books to read! These sound great. Definitely going to add them to my list! Thanks for sharing such great reviews!

  • I am definitely going to check this out. I need some new reading material and from what I have read here this sounds like a real page turner. Thanks for sharing your opinions on the book.

  • These books sound great to read! I love when I can find new books to read. This book sounds like it would be an entertaining read and sounds like it would quite the funny story line!

  • My friend and I have a running joke that we are each other's wives. She's one of my really good friend (and first friends that I made down here in the USA). I'll have to check out the book to see if I'd like it, I bet I would.

  • What an interesting and fun plot idea! I haven't heard of this one, but now I definitely want to check it out. I love the idea of "getting custody" of the mistress!

  • Interesting concept… I am not a big fictional reader as I mostly do my reading online and usually includes information about marketing or online marketing tools. I think the idea that every women needs a wife is quite cool 🙂

  • This story is quite the theme for most our local TV shows. There's most of the time a mistress who gets in the way, and the plot rolls on. There's a lot of issues that are interesting to discuss in this book.

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    I know you've caught my attention! Having been in this heroine's shoes, I don't know if that is the road I would choose to walk. This is interesting though. I love to read, I just haven't had a lot of time for it lately. I may end up adding this one to my Kindle! #7

  • Wow, what page turner. Just the title in itself is intriguing. I love reading books like this just because it is an adventure and such a different scenario from my daily life…at least I hope!


  • recenty i have lots of free time and i want to get back to read lot.. so i was just thing to find a good book to read i think its a great book so i am going to the library today and check if i find it. thank u very much for great suggestion

  • This sounds like a great book. I'm wanting to know more and now have to read it! Putting on my summer read list.

  • Oh my gosh, she sounds brave! I love a good juicy book every now and again so I'll have to check this out!

  • Great review – I would like to read this!

  • I am not a big reader… I wish I could be, but my mind wanders when I try to get lost in a book. This sounds like an interesting story, Thanks for the Review! I have heard people talk about it, now I know what its about 🙂

  • This does sound very intriguing! Thanks for the review. I will have to check it out!

    • It;s a must read, definitely thought provoking