Top 5 Friday

Hi there and welcome to the Top 5 Friday, its been a while since I did this type of post but today I thought I crack one out. The last couple of weeks have been absolutely awesome, if memory serves me right this is the best start to the year I have had in a long time and I am so thankful. As always I will list 5 items I have been itching to talk about or want to share this week so without further adieu.

5. 50 Shades of Grey ~ I think it’s about time I shared with y’all my view of 50 shades of grey especially with the movie having come out already. Before I read the 3 books I had heard so many stories about how erotic it was and basically a porn book. I was both intrigued and confused because no one person who read the books could give you a straight answer everyone had their own interpretation. So I embarked on the journey that is 50 shades of grey and I was quite taken in by the first book until someone told me there were two more books to go, I was excited to see what more the author can add in and hoping the grammar and spelling will improve in book two and three. To my disappointment it did not felt like it was getting worse. Book one told you a story of two people in love and each with different life issues. Yes there was a lot of sex descriptions which your mamma should not catch you reading but compared to the French erotica books I had read that was nothing. I love Ana and could relate to how she felt in some parts of the book and Christian was overall your kind of guy ‘good in bed’ but the mummy issues he came with he can keep thank you. Books 2 and 3 well I remember the violence and the escape from death for Christian other than that not much. If someone ever wanted to read the books I would encourage them to read the epilogue in book three then read the books from the beginning, as its the only part of the book not completely filled with grammatical errors and actually is from Christian’s point of view.

4. Kingsman – This movie was fun from start to finish, a friend of mine and I went to see it this week and we were definitely not disappointed. It definitely gave James Bond and Jason Bourne a run for their money. I loved the London chav humour, the posh-‘toots’ added in for good measure and Colin Firth (forever my Mr Darcy) was absolutely on point throughout the movie, his character was well played, so easy to like and absolutely loved the suits. There is nothing like a well tailored English gentleman suit, I am sure they are many to dispute this but that was my opinion. I think everyone should go watch this movie.

3. Rewards – This week has been full of rewards both blogging and work which has been absolutely uplifting and very encouraging, I am literally on the excitement high and I do not want to come back down. I will share more next week this week I just want to be selfish and enjoy it myself.

2. Hemingway Quote ~ During the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, Colin Firth’s character quoted Hemingway, I had never heard of the quote before but it stuck and now me and my friend are quoting it every time we remember which for me now is daily

1. Family – For me the most important thing in my life is family above all else, I have committed my family to God and I am eternally grateful for the everyday blessings we receive, just being alive is a blessing enough. The air we breath is a blessing we do not see it but we know its there and we utilise it, same with God we do not see him directly but we know he’s there and we feel his presence be it in out friends, neighbours or even just ourselves.
These are my Top 5 Friday, what do you have on your list? Have a blessed weekend.