How to save money this Valentines day

As with most holidays they have become so commercialised that we seem to be forgetting the true meaning of the holiday. I love Valentines day like the next person but I do not want to waste money on something that I will probably not use or will forget about after a few good shots of something (not advocating drinking at all this is just me). I am not averse to receiving gifts on these holidays but I think the most memorable gifts are usually those that were given a thorough thinking and most times are free. Today I wanted to share a few ways you could have a romantic Valentines without breaking the bank.

1. A couple that cooks together

I love the idea of staying at home, spending time together and making a meal together. You don’t have to buy anything you just use what you already have at home and make a meal or buy a few supplies and cook together, this is very romantic and very memorable. She will love it as much as he will love it because you are spending time together and creating something together.

2. A couple that walks together

Again it doesn’t cost anything to go for a walk either in your neighbourhood or a short drive from your place or the nearest park. Take some time to explore together and just be together in oneness without distraction, make sure its technology free walk too (I am not talking about activity trackers I mean mobiles).

3. A Couple that watches together

With so many outlets to choose from you no longer have to go to the video store and rent a movie but if that’s what you fancy do so otherwise check the telly guide and see what’s on that you could watch together. In the name of love watch a movie that your partner likes and take turns.

4. Personalised Gifts

Ever since I was gifted my first ever personalised mug and calendar I have been over the moon. I love the thought that went into making those gifts. I have had CD’s burned with favourite pictures on them which has been such a wonderful gift that I cherish even today. You can make your partner a calendar, a card, a CD the list is endless even taking their jewellery and personalised it.
These are some of the ways you can ensure you save money for these over commercialised celebrations. Like I said I am not averse to going out and having a romantic meal but I prefer to do the above instead. 
How are you spending your Valentines?
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