{Blogger Support} Starting out

Starting out as a new blogger can be tough and at times daunting, everything is so new, the language is weird and for most! none of your friends are bloggers so you do not yet have someone to talk to about it all. Your decision to start a blog could have stemmed from a number of reasons, mine was honestly boredom and loneliness. Others it could be they have been reading blogs for a long time and are ready to start one or as an outlet for your everyday life or the creative streak in you. Whatever the reason you have (or had) started, now what is next after starting your blog or blogs? How do you go abouts getting the content you’ve spent maybe a few minutes, or even a couple of hours researching and writing to the outside world? Press publish of course (insert smiley of choice), but it does not end there.

One thing non-bloggers or those not familiar with the work that goes into running a blog don’t know is just because I have published the post does not mean my work ends there, unfortunately it doesn’t that is just the beginning of it all. Once you have published your post you need to share it on the monster web and even then you’re not guaranteed that people will see it and come visit and comment on your blog. Those who see it will just look and go, some will love it enough to comment, some will love it but not comment. I have friends who read my blogs: A July Dreamer and The Myrabev Life and tell me offline how much they loved the post, this will happen plenty. I want them to comment and some say they are not comfortable commenting online and some will say I do not know what to say. This is common do not get discouraged be happy someone is reading.

Though I am not and do not claim to be an expert in the blogging world I know what has been working for my blogs so far. I am everyday learning and picking up tips on how to blog, how to promote my content etc and the most common one I see is supporting one another as bloggers. With this in mind I embarked on doing one thing that I know has worked for me and I know works for other bloggers too and that is joining a facebook groups and because I know most facebook group owners require you get permission before talking about their group (which is very understandable) I created my own face group sharing group called Lovely Bloggers and I am inviting you all to join and support each other grow.
In the  Lovely Bloggers group I will be putting up threads where you can share posts you want comments on (reciprocate two above your own), Facebook like & comment threads where you share facebook links you want liking and comments on and also Follow threads which will either be daily or weekly. I have started this group with a sole purpose of supporting other bloggers and helping each other grow because without each other our growth is limited. You’re welcome to share this group link with fellow bloggers so we can grow and support one another. 
Over the last 18 months I have developed a routine that I practice almost every morning, I shared Bloggers, Events & Friends post on A July dreamer. This post I shared how I developed my routine and with insomnia being my best friend I find myself with more time which surprisingly I use to read other blogs than blogging. I have created this group that I am taking full responsibility for and hoping to discover more blogs to add to my routine. And because I travel a lot I am always looking for new blogs to read, I love blogs of all niches as I do not want to limit myself. I believe supporting one another, promoting and helping out fellow bloggers is the best way to grow as a blogger.
Come join this new facebook group where your blog will definitely get support from me be it a comment or sharing on my social media. I hope to see you all there and thanks for joining a Lovely Bloggers  facebook group.
  • Yes, very important to have a broad mind with different views and opinions from other bloggers

  • So true could have put it better myself

  • Absolutely, especially those of us who do not know any blogger friends outside the internet world

  • Same here, I am always learning something new from my fellow bloggers

  • I remember this time all to well. I have to say, if it was not for all of the social media groups, I do not think how far I would have gotten.

  • I have made so many great friends threw my Blog. I will have to watch for your group so i can join.

  • I love connecting with different bloggers on the Facebook groups that I've joined. Not only do I draw traffic to my posts, but I also learn so much in the process.

  • The amount of work that goes into blogging is insane. You have to love it to do it. I've been blogging since 2008. I think I love it. 🙂 I'll be checking out your group!

  • This is great!!!! I wouldn't be where I am today with my blog if it wasn't for groups helping me on the way!! I've learned so much from other bloggers!

  • oh gosh, this is so true! When I started a year ago I had no idea everything that goes into blogging! It's so fun though!

  • Oh how wonderful Myradev! I will definitely look out for that Lovely Bloggers group and join in. I appreciate the blogging community because while we are all virtual friends there is true showing of support, empowerment, and camaraderie 🙂

  • That's so great of you to create a community like that. I know that it took me forever to find different communities of bloggers and I'm so thankful for how we help each other.

  • The amount and variety of FB groups for bloggers is amazing and it's a great thing. I'm finding that it's super helpful and I enjoy exploring different blogs.

  • I love when bloggers help other bloggers. I think it's a wonderful community where that happens more times than not (and a big hurrah for it).

  • I love blogging FB groups and really find that it's a great way to connect with others and network as well. It's also great to be able to get differing views and opinions on blogging stuff. 🙂

  • I love blogging FB groups – they're such a fun way to stay connected and keep in contact with other bloggers on a daily basis!

  • The blogging community can be very supporting, so it's a great idea for new bloggers to join Facebook groups for support and advice x

  • I love blogging groups just for the chance to meet other bloggers and to learn new things from them. Great for networking!

  • Thank you Cathy, I hope you join so we can support one another

  • What a lovely post, good luck with the Facebook group I will definitely look out for it xx

  • Approved Karissa, I am humbled when I am told offline but I want it reflected online too where possible lol

  • Thank you Andi

  • oh wow 9 years, that is awesome.

  • You're welcome Nancy

  • Me too x

  • It can be really daunting starting out but i have found facebook groups most helpful

  • Thank you Alicia, I couldn't agree more

  • Thank you Donna, approved

  • Thank you Fiona, approved.

  • My sentiments exactly, thanks Tori

  • Thank you Shannon, approved. I hope I will be of more help in this group

  • I am always amazed and encouraged when I hear how long people have been blogging for gives me hope. Not many people appreciate blogging and what goes into it.

  • Thank you, approved and glad I could help

  • Thank you Jasmine, it definitely is hard but supporting one another helps

  • I have people tell me offline as well. I asked to join your group. Facebook groups are such a great way to connect with other bloggers.

  • How wonderful that you were able to start a group – I applaud the effort!

  • I wouldn't be where I am at without the help of other bloggers. Hard to believe I've been at this 9 year already!

  • Aw this is so nice of you! I'm going to join your FB group 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I love the support the blogger community gives each other. It is a really nice sign that humanity is all and well.

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I think FB groups are fantastic for new and advanced bloggers. My new site can be really daunting most days.

  • Blogging groups are the best for meeting new bloggers, networking, and collaborating! Good for you for starting your own!

  • Very cool, thank you for the invitation – I am awaiting for your approval – and so looking forward to seeing your group grow! Congrats 🙂

  • Oh how lovely Miranda – no pun intended! I've requested to join the group, it's great to be a member of groups where the bloggers support each other.

  • Blogging definitely takes a lot more work after a post is published. I think that joining Facebook groups is a great idea and one that should not go overlooked by bloggers, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are.

  • Thank you so much for all of your help to us newbie bloggers! You are one of the reasons why I dont get discouraged and I'm requesting to join your group 🙂

  • I have been a blogger for 11 years (where did time go?!) and I'm always amazed when I run into people who don't know or understand what a blogger is. Some don't even consider it a legit job, but only if they understood how much work is put into blogging! Therefore, it is always nice to be part of groups that are so supportive of bloggers. 🙂

  • Great idea – I have just requested to join the group. I am starting out too 🙂

  • that is awesome your starting a new blog group i am a new blogger and its so hard to get your blog out there yet alone trying to get subscribers cant wait to join your new group

  • aw that awsome you started your own group i cant wait to join! im a new blogger and it hard getting your blog out there when you are just starting !

  • It can be hard sometimes but joining groups like mine really do help, hope you have a chance to join.

  • They really are, glad to know you have one you really like

  • I'm still new to this blooging malarky and it's a jungle out there when it comes to trying to get people to read our posts. I'll hae a look at your lovely bloogers facebook page.

  • Facebook groups are a fab place for support – we have our own in the NE which we love. x

    • They truly are, I am not sure where I would be without them