{YouTube} The Myrabev Life Channel

For a while now I have been thinking of making Youtube videos, I have a channel and everything and about 40 videos uploaded which are not the greatest but they are mine. The 3rd week of December I was thinking that for 2015 I will make one exception to my ANTI-RESOLUTION CREED and that was I will make one resolution which is to make at least 2 videos a month and share them both on my channel and on my blogs. I did it for January I made 3 videos (yes  I was on a roll). Since I have a chromebook I am limited to what tools I can use to edit videos so I am mainly relying on the YouTube editing facilities to do the job.

The videos I will be making will range for Hauls – Fashion and Beauty to general chit chat about life here and there. I want to grow my viewership in 2015 as well as the number of subscribers, I know this will not happen overnight it will take a lot of hard work on my part and I think for the most part I am willing to put in the work. I run two blogs hence why I am committing to only two as some days when I make the videos that will substitute for a blog post and I will promote the video the same way if not more I promote the blog posts. I hope you like my videos and join me on this journey of self discovery via video making.
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