Three things I love about Cambridge (UK)

When my parents moved us from Zambia to United Kingdom they moved us to the best city in the world, granted we lived more in the borough of Cambridge than the city itself but that never stopped us going into the heart of Cambridge and exploring. I have experienced so many wonderful times in cambridge, the city is very very diverse and a home to many different races. Cambridge is known for it’s amazing architecture, the historical buildings like the oldest church in Cambridge St Benet’s church and as the home of the University of Cambridge one of the top universities in the world. There are so many beautiful gardens to explore in Cambridge, we pride ourselves with the rowing team, the advancement in technology – Silicon Fen. Our technological advances has moved to the types of buses (biofuel) we have running around cambridgeshire, cambridge like london is a home of cyclists there are some many areas in cambridge to cycle and just take in the town. For me Cambridge is even more personal, not only is it my new adopted home but also a town where my church ‘New Apostolic Church cambridge congregation’ is based. I have been going to this church since 2004 and I love it and makes me proud every day. I have had many dates in cambridge, I have had many times taken my family for meals out on the town and many times spent with friends just exploring the beauty that is cambridge. 
I hope one day you get the opportunity to visit this amazing town and experience 3 of my favourite things
1. Rowing 
2. Dinning.
3. Shopping
  • I love visiting the UK the sites and shopping are great

  • I'm so happy that you and your parents moved to a city that you really enjoy. Rowing is not that big where I am from, but I would love to see a competition one of these days. I've only seen it on TV or being portrayed in movies. Since you mentioned it, I would like to look more into the gardens of Cambridge. This is a city that my sweetie would like to explore.

  • I didnt know you were from Zambia! What an experience it must be moving to a new country. I have always wanted to visit the UK and I hope to do so one day. I love your pants in those photos, they are so chic!

  • Lovely pictures. These make me want to go to Cambridge right now. I've never been before. Have a lovely week.

  • I'd be into shopping and dining in the U.K. I'm not sure we'll ever make a trip there. We barely leave the state of good ol' Oklahoma every few years for a trip to an NFL game or to see family.

  • I think I love it too from looking at your photos. I have visiting the UK on my bucket list. I am obsessed with the accents and from shows I have watched it seems like it would be a really cool place to live.

  • Wow I'm starting to love Cambridge too! I love how roomy it is, the blue skies and the architecture. It is all just so pretty to see! I would love to visit one day, the scenery is absolutely just so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this!

  • I was born in England want to go back so bad!! My parents went on a cruise there 2 years ago and their pictures were breathtaking. Rowing would be something I would love to try there!

  • Cambridge looks like such a beautiful place to visit. My aunt just did an England trip and she loved it. It's definitely on my list! My very, very long list, lol. I would just love to check out all the cool old buildings.

  • Cambridge is on my bucket list to visit. I will have to take you up on your offer and learn how to row. This is something, I always wanted to learn but didn't have the time to do so. I love dinning and shopping and I know, I can find a lot of good clothing pieces there. I love your outfit as well. Thanks for the tips.