Lovely Letters ~ January 2015

Hi there and welcome, can you believe that tomorrow is the last day of January 2015? I sure can’t but I am happy regardless. January has been far and today I am co-hosting the lovely letters hosted by Esther of Local Adventurer I have been participating since last year summer though missed a month or two here and there last year but I am happy to be co-hosting. For January the theme was ‘Goals’, what I love about this snail mail is that every month you’re paired with a new blogger and every month it’s a new theme. You are welcome to link up your posts showing what your partner for that month sent you. I am not able to share what my partner got me as I exchanged with someone in the states and I am in the UK so it does take sometime. I will however give you a glimpse of what I sent to aid my partner with goals.

Come link-up and don’t forget to grab the link-up button.

  • Those planners are cute. I would especially love to try out the bar. I bet it's good and tasty.

    • The bar is definitely tasty and thanks

  • This sounds so fun! I love going to the mail box and finding something fun in it. What a great idea.

  • This sounds like such a cool idea. For some reason, snail mail is so much more intimate than e-mail, even when there aren't surprise goodies included!

  • What a great swap! I love participating in stuff like this, and your gifts? Adorable!

  • I really enjoy these swaps bloggers do via snail mail these days, I've done a few of them myself, I will have to check this one out. So cool!

  • Interesting.. nice to even hear about letters.. we txt and email all the time..

  • This is such a nice way to keep in touch the old fashioned way. It used to be so much fun to receive a letter in the mail but these days it's only junk or bills.

  • This is a really fun idea! I used to be a stationary addict and would buy tons of it just to write letters to friends in high school, or to pass notes. But I haven't written letters in a long time or journaled with pen and paper in ages. I do whoever make sure to use a planner because I just don't like to rely on technology for my scheduling. I'd love to start writing letters again, the gift you sent was a really nice gesture.

  • Awww how sweet! What a great concept it is, I never really get any mail like this ever. It would be such a great thing to give and get! I will be checking it out.

  • This sounds like so much fun! I think I am going to sign up! What a great way to put the handwritten letter back in the spotlight!

  • This is a great concept! I miss snail mail so much, I will definitely click your link to check it out further 🙂 Thanks!

  • What a great idea! Never heard of this until now. It's a great way to exchange love with your fellow bloggers. So cute!

  • Oh these sound great. A nice healthy snack for on the go to toss in your purse!

  • I LOVE this idea, snail mail is the BEST! There are so many blogger mail exchanges and I always say I want to sign up but never do! Next month I really want to participate in one <3

  • I sent something similar to my pen pal! I can't wait to participate next month!

  • You got a great package from your partner. I love swaps like this that have a theme that you can hold to but can still make your own.

  • Oh this sounds fun! I haven't heard of this or anything like it before! What a great way to do something new and make new friends! Sounds like a great hit too!

  • Oh this sounds fun! I haven't heard of this or anything like it before! What a great way to do something new and make new friends! Sounds like a great hit too!

  • I love this idea Myrabev! I used to snail mail for years until I had some bad experiences with pals who came to stay with me, one complained about my six month old baby crying – ugh. I love what you sent your partner to help with their goals, so incredibly pretty!

  • I've never heard of something like this!! How did you find out about this? I'm sort of confusing to me 😉