How to adjust your blog width.

Have you noticed how some blogs use the entire screen whilst others have open edges? Well I learnt a while back how to adjust my template but most of the time never felt the need. But since I had a make over on this blogger my designer left huge gaps on either side of the blog and I wanted to re-adjust that plus increase the size of my widget area. As I have mentioned I know how to do this without code but I recently learnt howto do it with code and I will show you both today.
**Note this is for blogger, if you need for WordPress please let me know**

Adjust widths without code.

Step 1: open blogger dashboard, choose template and click on customise.

Step 2: on top left click on adjust widths and you can play around with the widths and watch the changes at the bottom before you apply to your template.

Step 3: Once happy with size then save and you’re done.

Adjust widths with code. 

**I recommend always saving template before your begin anything code related**

Step 1. Open blogger dashboard, choose template and click on HTML 
Step 2: search width (ctrl f) and locate *header-wrapper, outer-wrapper, main-wrapper, sidebar-wrapper and footer* The main-wrapper is your post section and the rest I think is explanatory. Adjust each of these sections to your wishes and save template. That’s its done.

This is how I adjust my templates, let me know if you need help I am happy to assist.

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